Personal Narrative: My Uncle Kevin

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My uncle Kevin was born on May 12th of 1965 in Happy Valley North Carolina. He played basketball and baseball for Hibriten High School. When he graduated he attended college at North Greenville University where we continued to play basketball. Kevin was the definition of tall dark and handsome back in his prime. Once he graduated college he began to drink a little more and put on a few extra pounds. Eventually, he found the women of his dreams to take care of him, Tanya Thomas. They were picture perfect, their love was something you see in the cheesey movies but it was real love, soon she was one of the Coffee’s. My uncle Kevin is my mother's brother and the father of my cousins Anna and Sam. He married my aunt Tanya, who lost her husband to cancer and she had a daughter named Kara. Kevin had a wife, …show more content…
She has a steady job, therefore, the family thinks that is who co-signs for all the toys Kevin has. At the end of the year we had a graduation party for my sweet boyfriend Mason. We asked Kevin to come because he had been around Mason recently at family gatherings. When we asked Kevin to come, we did not realize that Tanya and all three of the kids were coming, too. That was a problem because they had not seen their father in three years. Kevin was going to bring the crazy girlfriend Donna to the party. My dad, Heath, was not going to have it. Kevin and my father caused a crazy scene at the party, which led to Anna and Kara crying and Sam yelling at his father. Kevin did not even bring Donna so we do not know what the big scuff was about. We suspect that Kevin was slightly under the influence, but we do not know for sure. Sam is bigger than Kevin, so he almost fought his father. But luckily my sensible mother walked out to stop the show. Kevin did not even bring Donna so we do not know what the big scuff was about. Anna, Kara, and I went to my room to keep them away from their crazy

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