Personal Narrative: Deployment In The Military

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You know that feeling when your stomach drops and you instantly feel nauseous? When I heard that my brother was getting deployed on a nine month long deployment to Afghanistan I felt exactly that way. With tears pouring out of my eyes I couldn’t help but to think of the worst case scenario possible. My brother joined the Army in 2013. In fact, he joined the Infantry Branch. Also known as the people who are on the front lines. After being in the Army for two years, he was getting deployed for his third and final year. September 11th is a day that Americans dread. I cringe just thinking about. Of course, September 11th, 2015 was the day my brother was flying out for deployment in Afghanistan. That whole school day, or should I say year, I wasn’t …show more content…
Senior year was like no other, though. Realizing that my brother would not make it to any of my “lasts” was heartbreaking. Infact, I made a camouflage American Flag bow to wear in my hair every volleyball game to support my brother. Every time before playing a game, my team and I would stand on the end line while the National Anthem was playing. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up every single time I heard the National Anthem. Looking up at the American Flag while putting my hand over my heart was an instant reminder of my brother fighting for our country. Don’t get me wrong, I was so proud of him, but my heart shattered knowing he was thousands of miles away from me fighting for our country. That volleyball season, my team went undefeated and I would’ve done anything to have my brother there for at least one game. The same thing goes for basketball season- National Anthem, senior night, last home game, the only thing on my mind was my brother. I just wanted him to be there at least once. Senior year I was nominated to be on Homecoming Court. With my surprise, I won Homecoming Queen, but something was missing, my brother. I was always hoping my brother would miraculously surprise me, like the military surprises you see on tv, but that never happened. A year full of lasts and my brother couldn’t even witness

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