The Day I Left Me Narrative

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A couple months ago around July I moved from Florida because my dad got offered a job in Michigan . When he first left me , my mom,and my were very devastated because we have always been together.When we were in Florida I was going to school there , while my mom was packing the house up because a new family was going to move in a week we had to get out . It was very frustrating for me because I had nothing to do . I knew my dad was flying in a couple days I was very happy because I have not saw him in about two months . When he came home we all went to my grandmas for a week while we were there i got very sick . So the next day we went to the doctors because I was not getting any better my mom took me I got those cotton swabs everybody hates even me . When the doctor came back they told me I need antibiotics so I started taking it and I was getting better but then I got a fever and I felt terrible . Once I was done being sick we got all of our stuff ready and left .We had my whole family in the car even my two dogs after about an hour we had to stop somewhere to take them to the bathroom I was annoyed because I was so tired I wanted to sleep. Once I was done doing that we went to eat something a couple hours …show more content…
When we went we had to get about fifteen of them to cover all the windows.I helped my dad do all of that window stuff once we were finished we watched some football games.The next day our refrigerator was getting shipped to our house , my dad left to go to work then the fridge finally came once it came we went to the grocery store to get some food and drinks because we had no food or drinks to put anywhere beside chips and Goldfish . So we got all that stuff done then my mom had to get me and my sister signed up for school and that was it

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