Essay On Why I Want To Join TFA

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There are so many students out there in low-income communities who do not know what it is like to have someone who wants to see them succeed, someone who wants to see them achieve regardless of their race or economic status. I seek to join Teach for America for many reasons and three of those reasons are; for one, I want to help make a difference in the lives of students, I want the students that I encounter to know that I care about their education, I want to see them succeed and I want them to know that I have very high expectation of them. Secondly, growing up in a low-income community myself, I can relate to these students. I want my students to know that just because they are currently living in an underserved community, it does not mean …show more content…
I love working with children and I love the smile on their faces after a fantastic moment of discovery. I am willing to do whatever it takes to help close the achievement gap. I have the ability to make a difference in the lives of students and that’s why I want to join TFA.

I was born in the country of Jamaica a third world country, and as a result, there are people who are really living in poverty. Where I grew up would be considered the lowest of the low. My school experience in Jamaica is close to that of those who are living in predominantly low-income communities here in America. To ensure I have a successful education, my teachers in Jamaica would put in extra time to assist me, they did whatever necessary to make sure that I didn’t lose track of what is important, which was my education. When I came to America and started my career in teaching, I encountered many
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I didn’t get the chance to attend my graduation, but I was nonetheless overjoyed about this accomplishment. My graduation from college was a major success to me because both my parents did not get the chance to finish high school and I wanted to make them proud. I wanted them to see that I would not get distracted, I wanted them to see that regardless of our financial situation, I am able to remain focus and follow through with my promise to them, which was to graduate college. This accomplishment was important to me because I was the first in my family to attend and graduate college. Majority of the individuals in my family dropped out of high school or got pregnant at an early age. I made a vow to myself that my story will not be played out like that, and I made sure it didn’t. at the beginning of college, I was facing financial challenge. Being that I recently moved to the united states, I was not getting full financial aid, so my mom had to work two or more jobs and sometimes barrowed money to pay for my tuition. My mother was very supportive and did whatever needed to be done to make sure I completed college, so to her I attribute my success. Thanks to a very supportive mother I currently have an undergrad degree and currently pursuing a graduate

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