Social Disadvantages In Education

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Social disadvantages can be worsened or mitigated by what schools and other learning settings do (Ewing, 2013). Too often do educators and schools; have low expectations of children from low socio-economic (SES) backgrounds, make excuses for underachievement, blame the background of the student, see children as incapable, as having problems rather than take a strength-based approach, Staff low-SES schools with less qualified and experienced teachers, fail to use the child’s background, skills, experiences and interests (Gobby. B, 2016). These ideologies all contribute to the downfall of a child’s educational outcome. Instead, teachers need to develop relationships in which trust, flexibility, and concern for students as individuals are evident. …show more content…
All children and adults identify with classed, gendered and racialized groups (as well as other groups), but what is especially significant is that some cultural identities are seen as less 'academic ' than others (often by the staff and children). This will have a negative impact on the children who are outlined, as their self-esteem will drop which as mentioned above, correlates with the academic performance dropping. David Milner (1983) has produced evidence that shows that children have learned positive and negative feelings about racial groups from an early age. Milner suggests that children as young as three demonstrate an awareness of a racial hierarchy in line with current adult prejudices. The most common form of prejudice young children experience is through name-calling or through negative references by other children (or adults) to their gender, dress, appearance, skin colour, language or culture (Lawrence et al., 2012). The diversity in cultural identity are all problematical factors that influence how children could be harmed mentally and become alienated and marginalised. They might isolate themselves depending on the severity of the prejudice. Educators may hear some of these remarks and it is vital that these are dealt with appropriately as they

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