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  • Atwood Narrative

    Atwood Narrative As the leaves bristle and the thin sheets of wind intrude through the slender opening of the window of the bus, sat a grey backpack with a variety of stickers scattered onto the fabric in diverse figures and colors, each giving the dull backpack a sense of flare. Besides the backpack displayed a boy sitting on a cold, leather seat, crossing his arms, a picture of his grandfather-who served in Camp Grant, now called Atwood- clenched tightly against his chest. “Now reaching Atwood, please take caution of your possessives. Now reaching Atwood, please take..” The voice of the bus driver echoed through the vehicle, each word causing to become just a blur to Warren. As he swiftly trolled down the steps along with the other…

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  • Process Speech Outline

    Natalie Martinez Group 6 Back2Back The goal is to help students buy and sell backpacks in a simple and easy manner while not having to worry about the expenses. Introduction I. Every year we start a new school year and every year your backpack will be your best friend. There's a good possibility some of us don't have backpacks because we're not a fan of them or the one we really liked was too expensive or eventually became sold out. On the other hand some of us do have backpacks but…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: On The Way To School

    Kenna loiters behind with me. Ben looks at me, searching for a clue if I want him to stay so I 'm not alone with Kenna. Alex however, practically tows Ben out the door, obviously trying to give me and Kenna some space. I look helplessly after them. I don 't try to talk, just quietly gather up my backpack. Maybe if I make her feel awkward enough around me she 'll decide to leave me alone. I pause by the door, letting her go first and thinking for a second that I 'll be able to part ways as soon…

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  • Should Backpacks Be Allowed In Schools

    Do you think it's right for an athlete to have to miss a practice or game because they could get to their locker and class quick enough? Students should be able to carry a backpack around to prevent things like athletes missing practice or just even getting a tardy really effects a student. The students of Otto Eldred should be able to have backpacks with them throughout the school day. Carrying backpacks in school would help kids not to be late. First of all, it would give students more space…

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  • Wear Backpack: A Case Study

    4. Discussion 4.1. Reduction in blood flow rate when subjects wore a backpack After wearing backpack for 8 minutes, the time-averaged mean blood velocity and the blood flow rate are observed to be significantly altered. By comparing the result to the pressure sensor recordings, this may be contributed by the direct mechanical compression of the backpack strap on the shoulders, along with the vessels including axillary vein lying beneath [7]. The luminal diameter of the vessels reduces by the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In A Backpack

    I woke up this morning startled, and confused. My mom was in my room grabbing all my stuff and shoving it in a brown bag. I asked her what was going on and she said the Nazis were coming and we had to get all of our stuff and go into hiding quickly, but we can’t look suspicious. I immediately got up and got my warmest sweatshirt and thickest jeans on since it was freezing outside. My mom gave me a backpack to put all on my stuff in. A backpack! How am I supposed to fit my whole life in a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Hi Im Backpack

    Hi im Backpack and today i'm still hanging on the rack waiting for someone to pick me up.Everyday one of my fellow backpacks gets chosen. I just waiting for my day. So i took a nap and i woke up by the noise of a cart and the cart was coming straight towards me. So i see this 3,9 little boy and he's pointing at me and he is saying daddy i want that one . The father said what one he said the Blue one with a basketball on it. I was like so happy the young boy grabbed me with his paws and carried…

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  • Analysis Of The Memoir, A Backpack, A Bear

    Final Reflective Essay After reading the memoir by Lev Golinkin, A Backpack, a Bear, and Eight Crates of Vodka, I have learned that our American culture and the Russian culture are more similar than they are different. Our research project made us analyze a huge part of both our and their culture, which made us discover that both cultures have been invaded by corrupt leaders, yet there is more corruption in Russian culture. After my reading and I-Search Project I have realized that American and…

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  • Your Dog's Backpack Research Paper

    Hiking Essentials for Your Dog's Backpack In a previous article, I talked about the Approach™ Pack by Ruffwear, which by the way is an excellent pack. Well, okay you have the pack or may have ordered one, so what goes in the pack. 1.) The obvious of course, is food, water and collapsible plastic bowls for the food and water. These will always be in the pack. Know the weight so you can stay at the 25 percent of body weight. Once you have the weight of the essentials, you can start weighing and…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Backpack Safety In Schools

    lockers between periods and not have to carry an overloaded backpack. To exemplify, In The New York Times, a seventh grader states, “The reason I don 't visit my locker more often during the school day is not because I want to use the time to ' 'socialize ' ' but because I barely have time to run from class to class” (qtd. In “to”). If students were provided extra time they would be able to visit their locker between class periods. Thus a student would be able to carry only the one book that…

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