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  • 7 11 Case Study

    The 7-Eleven Empire: The Global Expansion Introduction & History The evolution of an empire in the coming years. As this company was emerging early in 1927, when there were General stores or street vendors. The first store was established from an ice factory called Southland Ice by an employee named John Jefferson Green. John decided to sell some quick assessable items like bread, eggs, and milk in a location in Dallas, Texas. In 1946, Tote’m store change the empire into a global industry revamping the name and the hours of operation to meet customer’s needs. The hub of the world’s retail stores are known to be 7-Eleven franchises they are the fastest growing convenient stores. Mission & Vision The company’s mission is to simplify the…

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  • 7-Eleven Case Study

    Convenience stores have come a long way since the first one was founded in 1927. The first 7-eleven was founded in Dallas, Texas as the Southland Ice Company. It started out as “Tote’m” stores where they sold blocks of ice to the local community. One night, after a football game, the store got so busy that the employees forgot to close up the store. This is when the idea of staying open 24/7 came about. “Tote’m” then changed its name to “7-eleven” as a play on the store hours because they were…

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  • Princess Barn: A Short Story

    are outside the car, figuring out the password to the phone. And as they're busy, Princess scoots into the driver's seat and takes off. Plus, she did so without notifying either of them, a clear sign that she doesn't need them. At this point, it doesn't matter where she's going or what she'll do when she gets there. Rather, the only thing on her mind is freedom. But she wouldn't receive it quite yet because Chromeskull is still back at the barn. And he uses a remote tracking device to find his…

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  • Culture: Observing A Culture

    Culture is the ideas and behaviors that are learned and transmitted by nongenetic means (Park, 2014). The advance in technology from written language, government to man-made objects are merely the product of culture ( Artifacts discovered are the reflection of the knowledge and skills of the culture. Without a knowledge of the culture the use of discovered artifacts have little meaning. Observing the culture first hand allows for a better understanding of reciprocity process,…

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  • Advantages Of Kungfu Target Market

    the weekdays. In this case, mass media such as TV or radio may not perfectly match the target market. For a better market penetration, Kungfu should focus on specialized marketing channels instead of the traditional approaches.  Website or email advertising Based on the uniqueness of the Singaporean market, Kungfu could send weekly emails and website ads for various advertising promotion. Set up membership privileges to boost the influence. For example, a new coding system can be input in the…

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  • Better For You Case Study

    consumption and disposal of the product but also psychologically knowing you 're making a tangible effort to help the planet which will further encourage purchasing of the products. ● Context: The New Zealand Dairy or Convenience store represents many unique opportunities for the ‘Better for You’ drinks range. Unlike, supermarkets or petrol stations in which strict rules govern on how products are displayed and advertised, diaries/ convenience stores offer a lot looser regulations therefore…

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  • Personal Narrative: Academy Sports And Out Doors

    February 29th, 2016. After leaving work I stopped by the Shell convenient store in Richland Mississippi. At the convenient store I came across Lisa Hamilton. Lisa Hamilton used to work for me three years ago when I managed a store. I had not seen Lisa Hamilton in three years. Lisa Hamilton approached me from behind and gave me a huge. We went outside and talked briefly. Lisa Hamilton asked for my number and asked if we could hang out and catch up on what’s been going on. I told Lisa to give me…

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  • Is Telemedicine Right For You Analysis

    patients are able to connect with their doctors in cyberspace. In her article, “Is Telemedicine Right for You,” Bisgaard-Fratzen introduces the advantages of telemedicine heath care; economical pricing and convenience. Coinciding with Bisgaard-Fratzen’s ideas, Raymond’s article, “Pros and Cons of Getting a Second Opinion Online,” elaborates on the effects of getting an online second opinion. Though telemedicine offers promising advantages, the modern technology exhibits some downfalls.…

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  • Transportation In Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is known for their party attenders. Our main goal is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere. On the party bus, music can be played, there are flat screens, and our driver is always the designated driver. It is easy to schedule a Party Bus in Los Angeles reservations. Once scheduled, customers can be happy to know that they are going to be on one fun, safe, and convenient ride. The Many Benefits To Hiring A Party Bus We have served many people and we get much feedback, as we enjoy…

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  • Buster Shop Case Study

    In order to strengthen the financial and professional background, the second store will be in partnership set up. 1. Ownership The new Buster’s store is privately owned corporation in partnership basis. Lydia Chan owns 75% of the second store. She will work full-time in the store in the first year to ensure smooth day to day operation. In the second year and onwards she will be half day in the first store and half day in the second one. Carmen Chan owns 25% of the second store.…

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