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The 7-Eleven Empire: The Global Expansion
Introduction & History
The evolution of an empire in the coming years. As this company was emerging early in 1927, when there were General stores or street vendors. The first store was established from an ice factory called Southland Ice by an employee named John Jefferson Green. John decided to sell some quick assessable items like bread, eggs, and milk in a location in Dallas, Texas. In 1946, Tote’m store change the empire into a global industry revamping the name and the hours of operation to meet customer’s needs.
The hub of the world’s retail stores are known to be
7-Eleven franchises they are the fastest growing convenient stores.
Mission & Vision The company’s mission is to simplify the
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This would create excellence within each department (Cakir).
Culture & Firm’s structure
The culture of 7-Eleven is the values which are collectively in line with the belief of integrity. The structure of the company is based on the constitution and bylaws of the organization. These corporate values focus on the collaboration of the team work, and appreciation to our client and staff. The firm’s structure plays a master role in the development of the company’s model. Unfortunately, when there is a dis-connect in communication the firm can suffer and decline in revenue at the hands of the workers. As a result, the team may not feel the value of their service is not seen as being validated.
The 7-Eleven brand has focused on improving the way the customers complete their everyday shopping, creating a wealth of knowledge that leads to improvements. The company’s SWOT analysis the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats of the company. Furthermore, the vital information about the company’s progression depends on the threats and in most cases are extremely high. Also, the big Box company retailers have a corner on the market; due to the monetary flexibility and wider connections. The uncertainty of fresh produce contribute to customers limited selections. The customers recognize brand names, and want
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This leads us to an accurate interpretation if silence is necessary they must wait to give an intelligence response and a more effective communication (Bateman & Snell). Oral/written communication is require within the management team to promote a level of understanding between the departments. An effective management team can assist in the development motivation, coaching, listening skills. Member in a management team should have an open book management style (Bateman & Snell). Therefore, manager can convey important information to various department in the company. While, reviewing the management team at 7-Eleven their valve is working together for one common goal the customer’s

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