Convergent and divergent production

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  • Free Play Importance

    child’s cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development and research shows that high levels of play directly correlate to a child’s cognitive development (Bergen, 2002). Play provides important learning situations in all areas of developments, including intellectually. Free play offers important mental developments by enhancing a child’s problem-solving skills, boosting their creativity, and laying a foundation for intellectual growth. Play encourages creativity and problem-solving as children face divergent problems in the play scenes they create. Children being to think outside of the box to develop unique solutions to their problems thus through play, children can expand their minds by thinking at a higher level. In a study conducted by Hoffman and Russ (2011), researchers found that more advanced pretend play was associated with higher levels of creativity and children with stronger imaginations and more advanced story-telling skills were better at divergent thinking tasks. This shows the important correlation between creativity and free play; through free play, children have the chance to develop these important skills. Play also benefits a child intellectually by motivating excitement towards learning. When learning is fun, it sets a strong foundation for the future…

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  • The Importance Of Creativity

    unselfconscious and spontaneous, yet disciplined," Lane J. (as cited in Gilliam, 2013, p.24) Creativity is even said to be good for mental health. It has been introduced, in the form of arts and crafts, into mental health clinics to promote community health. It has been found to have therapeutic value, and has even been prescribed for depression and anxiety. Arts and creativity are suggested to promote self-expression, self-esteem, self-efficacy, new skills, stress or anger management, and…

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  • Guilford's Model Of Creativity Research Essay

    between divergent and convergent production has had a surprisingly long life in creativity research. In particular, the notion that divergent thinking performance is based on associations between concepts persists as an explanation for individual differences in task performance. In the present work, we sought to revisit the widely-held view among creativity researchers that intelligence and creativity are unrelated. Executive abilities and processes may play a larger role than previously…

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  • Theory Of Creativity Essay

    Creativity involves use of everyday capacities such as the association of ideas, memory, perception, analogical thinking and reflecting self-criticism. It involves not only a cognitive dimension (the generation of new ideas) but also motivation and emotion, and is closely linked to cultural context and personality factors. Theories of creativity: Psychodynamic school- proposes that most people tend to regress from their surroundings prior to creativity.people. To escape diffficult circumstances…

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  • Mt. Isa Mine

    old (Forrestal, 1990). During that period, the oldest and nominated basement was disfigured and metamorphosed. Besides, the continental margin was carrying out evolution to palaeo-Australian plate. In this process, the margin experienced a couple of divergent and convergent states. Mt. Isa is one of the sequences of the Middle Proterozoic cover in the Western Fold Belt. This sequence consists of sandstones, volcanic and calcareous sedimentary rocks. It is also known that the central…

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  • Split-Brain Theory

    psychologist proposed two types of thinking, namely convergent and divergent thinking. He gave the concept of divergent thinking when he noticed that people who were labeled as being “creative” exhibited this kind of thinking. Therefore he made an association between divergent thinking and creativity. Some of the characteristics of divergent thinking or creativity are: 1. Fluency- Number of ideas produced in a short period of time 2. Flexibility- Using different approaches to solve a problem…

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  • Why Do Regional Trade Agreements Affect Multilateral Trade Liberalization?

    whose intra- and extra-FTA comparative advantages are similar but will discourage such liberalization in members whose intra- and extra-FTA comparative advantages are different. The similar comparative advantage patterns can be termed as “convergent” and the dissimilar ones as “divergent”. We now consider the cases of Switzerland(European Economic Area) and Bolivia(Andean Community) to further illustrate the same. Before joining the EEA in 1992, Switzerland…

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  • The Influence Of Innovation

    The process of innovation within a business or organisation often entails of various steps including strategic thinking, exploration and synthesis, cycles of divergent and convergent thinking – whereby the innovation processes involved in the exploration and exploitation of opportunities for a new improved product, process or service, based on either an advance, in technical practice or a change in market demand, cost and performance, and the response of its users. According to the Commonwealth…

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  • Recombinant Dna Synthesis

    Gel electrophoresis is a laboratory method used to separate macromolecules. Also, used in the production of recombinant DNA and DNA cloning restriction fragments are fragments of a DNA molecule that are cleaved by a restriction enzyme. Early in the 1970s, Fred Sanger developed a sequencing technique known today as Sanger sequencing. Sanger Sequencing is the use of dideoxynucleotides to terminate newly synthesized DNA fragments at specific bases. Dideoxynucleotide triphosphates (ddNTPs) serves as…

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