Better For You Case Study

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Introduction “Better for You’ beverages are a healthy range of drink products produced by Frucor that offer low/zero sugar alternatives to traditional carbonated soft drinks and juices. Due to the chaotic nature of dairies, these drinks aren’t getting the promotion of the healthy benefits that they need for consumers to realise said benefits, as they are grouped with traditional beverages.
Consumer Insight In the same way people are becoming more aware of/cutting down on sugar laden drinks, the sustainability and environmental impact of products is coming under increased scrutiny. This is also more significant when considering the target age group of the ‘Better for You’ brands, as the age groups of all of the products target 18-25 with Ovi
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It is also working towards Enviro-mark certification which offers many benefits, especially for sustainability claims credibility.

Value Proposition: The ‘Better for You’ brands correctly identify that sugar is not necessarily a problem in itself as it is supposed by mass media’s tunnel view. It is in fact the type of sugars and the ‘badditives’ that the beverages are aimed at eliminating that are the issue. By using natural sugars such as honey in the Ovi and natural sweeteners like Stevia, ‘Better for You’ beverages are better aligning themselves with a healthy reputation than any other product. This is where a possible brand synergy is realised as by merging the “Better for You’ with ‘Better for the Planet’, this would be creating a product which is not only healthy for you physically during consumption and disposal of the product but also psychologically knowing you 're making a tangible effort to help the planet which will further encourage purchasing of the
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The ‘Better for You’ brand beverages are successful in terms of human consumption as they cater to the changing beverage industry in terms of greatly increasing the nutritional quality of the beverages without ruining the product. However, I believe a brand synergy of improving the sustainability of the ‘Better for You’ beverages making the product better for the planet and marketing as such that by buying the drink over other alternatives, you are making a conscious effort to everyone 's health and not just your own. Also by adapting the new technologies discussed such as Bluetooth, they can be used to interact directly with ‘Better for You’ beverages in dairies, allowing maximum presence amongst consumers than what is currently being

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