Personal Narrative: Finding My Retainer

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“Finding my Retainer”
It was eighth grade when I lose my brand new retainer in the cafeteria. I only had them for one day! My parents told me to be very careful about them when I ate, and so I was. At lunch, I ate a peanut butter sandwich and laid my clear retainers on my tray where I would see and remember them. The bell rang and it was time to go to social so I threw away my food and guess who forgot their retainers? Me. Once I got to class thirty minutes later from social, I finally realized I threw away my retainers and began to panic.
I stood up with a red face in front of the class and asked, “I threw away my retainer so can I go look for it?”
The teacher stared at me blankly and mumbled rudely , “Just tell your parents to buy you a new retainer...I’m sure they
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Melissa dragged out the first bag from the big dumpster and poured it into the bathtub. It was a mushy mess and smelled as if someone died. In the tub there was tons of rubbery hamburger patties left, soggy fries and mushy bananas. We did this four more times, and found absolutely nothing besides leftovers and tons of unopened milk cartoons. In our boredom of trying to find my retainers, we created a fun game. We would open each milk carton and pour each one out over all the mush, it was quite fun.
I pour out the last trash bag and by now we have lost all hope in finding it. We remembered that I ate a half peanut butter sandwich so if we find the sandwich we will find my retainer. Sure enough we found my sandwich! Then hiding in a small crack we saw a gleams of clear shiny plastic! We were ecstatic and I quickly grabbed it, but later realized it was just the plastic lid to my peanut butter. Melissa grabbed a pile and in that pile of mush, she found my top retainer! We were so happy and began to search with more effort. Then, ten minutes later after searching,I found the second

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