Personal Narrative: My Sugar Rush

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Sugar Rush

It was a foggy Halloween night and I had just finished putting on my zombie costume. I was a zombie from The Walking Dead. The smell of rubber filled my nostrils as I put my mask on. A realistic scar stretched from my chin to my eye! I wore teared brown rags for my costume. Fake blood was splattered across the rags. Last, I wore torn darn blue jeans with some fake blood on them. “AH!” I screamed in horror as I saw my reflection in the mirror. What a frightening costume! I grabbed my pillowcase that had a picture of a Jack-o-Lantern on it. I was going to use that as my bag for my candy. My mom said goodbye and gave me a hug. I hopped out the door and walked outside. The sound of crickets chirping in the distance filled my ears.
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That’s where me and my sister get most of our candy. Also, they hand out full sized candy bars! I went from house to house to house. One house had a man with a bowl on his lap full of candy. On the orange bowl, it read, “Take 1”. I reached my arm out to grab a candy. Suddenly, he grabbed my arm! I screamed out loud as the sweaty palm of his hand grasped my arm. “Gotcha!” He cried out. I grabbed a laffy taffy and sprinted away from the crazy old man. Pretty soon my bag was about halfway full! I opened my bag and the aroma of chocolate floated out from the bag. I wriggled my hand around in my bag until I felt a snickers. I slowly unwrapped the chewy candy bar. My stomach did a backflip as I sent the snickers plummeting down my throat. YUM!

When I had finished Trick-or-Treating, I headed home. As I was making the first few steps to my house, I remembered something! We didn’t go to our neighbor’s house! I bolted over to Dick’s house and rang the doorbell, “Trick-or Treat!” I yelled as loud as I could. Dick opened the door and gave me a whole bag of candy! Happily, I thanked him for the bag of candy and anxiously darted into our house, curious to see what was in the bag. I opened the bag that Dick gave to me and found that it was full of candy! There were twix, spiders, and more! Best Halloween

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