Personal Narrative-Glucose

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The mud cumulates around my hands as I grab the ball to ship it out to my teammate. I throw it as best as I can through the torrential downpour, and immediately feel a shoulder crush my ribs, causing my head to fall and slam in the mud. My vision became blocked by mud and bodies, yet I still try to watch as the ball is flying from hands to hands. An open space is cleared only feet from the Try Zone. All of a sudden, the ball hits the ground and whistle blows; we just lost the national championship by one point. My body collapses from sheer pain and sadness. What I had worked so hard for, was one simple catch away. This was the game of games, the rivalry that our school has created over the past few years. It happens that both our teams tend to make …show more content…
I didn't react like the others, in fact, I was standing up with my head away from everyone. The pain that accumulated in me, was one of personal failure. If I could throw up, I would have to stop that terrible feeling. This feeling was soon soothed by the words of a teammate. My Fly Half, the one I butchered the pass to, asked why I was so downtrodden and I explained. He responded by telling me how proud he was of my performance, and that he was glad his last game was played by my side. Christian elaborated that the pass means nothing compared to what he saw in me, a person with great character who will never stop trying. He saw a leader in me, one that will lead the team to victory next year. Although I experienced great failure that day, the outcome was growth. I am not one who experiences this sense of failure often, especially one of personal failure. What my teammate reassured me of will remain with me in all aspects of life. With this clarity, I am more confident than ever, that I will conquer any challenge. True failure only happens when you give up; something that's not part of my

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