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  • Dumpster Diving: Movie Analysis

    ” (Marx, 2014, p. 216) In the movie Dive! Jeremy Seifert levies a heavy indictment on the inhabitants of the earth, especially those of us in the United States. Based upon our current behavior; we will leave a planet to our children that they may not be able to enjoy or sustain effectively. Seifert provides a riveting, sometimes overwhelming depiction of the current state of our society through the lens of dumpster diving. Dumpster diving is the process where Seifert and his friends retrieve food from dumpsters in back alleys and garbage receptacles of Los Angeles’ supermarkets. Their dumpster diving experiment highlights the massive amounts of food that are thrown away each day. The statistics he presented were unfathomable; we throw away 96 billion pounds of food every year, 3 thousand pounds a second. This food, which in most cases is still edible, gets thrown into the…

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  • Analysis Of On Dumpster Diving

    teach you something? “On Dumpster Diving” Lars Eighner talks about his experience as a forager, reflects on the lessons he learned and gives the reader a strong message. On the essay he describes his lifestyle while being homeless and relying on dumpster dive to survive. He shows that to become a good “scavenger” one must invest a lot of time, effort and practice. He mentions certain rules and tips to follow when deciding where, what, and how to pick food and items from dumpsters. Eighner also…

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  • On Dumpster Diving Summary

    On Dumpster Diving, written by Lars Eighter, which is about a man dropped out of the university, and he began a dumpster diving before he became a homeless. He and his wife acquired many things from the dumpster began with his necessities like food, cloths, bottle, bed sheet, etc. Eighter expressed his feelings and his interested through scavenging. At the beginning of his story, readers could see that Eighter was very fascinated with his daily “job” when he mentioned scavenging or scrounging.…

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  • On Dumpster Diving Analysis

    University the average person generates four point three pounds of waste a day. In the story “On Dumpster Diving” by Lars Eighner he describes the means of survival out of the dumpster. The author provides vivid descriptions and explanations for his findings. He also explains how Dumpster diving can be a full-time job as he follows strict rules to show how a person can become more efficient. For example, using the senses and common sense to determine the condition of the found items (Eighner…

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  • Lars Eighner Dumpster Diving Summary

    expect. In the reading, Lars Eighner discusses in great details what he discovers while dumpster diving. He speaks about the mental stages of dumpster diving, and explains how most of the food he finds is either thrown away, past the expiration date, or is still edible. Aside from food, he also describes the emotional impact that living out of a dumpster can have on a person. When reading this story, It teaches me that from all of the pleasant things in life I take for granted, alongside the…

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  • On Dumpster Diving By Lars Eighner

    Analysis of Eighner’s “On Dumpster Diving” “On Dumpster Diving” is an essay written by Lars Eighner, detailing the art and proper protocol of dumpster diving, or as Eighner prefers it to be called, scavenging. Eighner gathers the wisdom he has learned from living on the streets in this essay, writing in a straightforward and descriptive style. He touches on many different points: wastefulness, the everyday living conditions of the homeless, and the value of materialistic objects. Eighner…

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  • Matt Malone's Dumpster Diving Story

    pointless products all have generated millions from their inventors. These hard-to-believe success stories hold the same average acknowledgment as those who seek benefits from a dumpster. People may only hear of dumpster diving while surfing the internet or eavesdropping a coffee shop conversation. However the curiosity will die too quickly, reality kicks in, and most will refuse to seek any further information on such a shameful and unheard of activity. As for the ones who eavesdropped in, read…

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  • An Analysis Of Dumpster Diving By Lars Eigner

    In his article on Dumpster Diving, Lars Eigner, was trying to make people aware of the usefulness of the items that were so often discarded as garbage. For example, you may have an old pair of shoes that you no longer wear because you have so many. You don’t see a need for them any more so you toss them in the trash. Someone who dumpster dives finds the same shoes and can see the usefulness in them. We often take things for granted because they are so easily replaceable. Dumpster diving is the…

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  • Dumpster Diving Essay

    In Lars Eighner’s essay “On Dumpster Diving”, Eighner writes to the general middle and upper class American about the day to day life of an average Dumpster Diver. Written in an almost how to guide format, Eigner shows the reader that the average diver not only can find interesting items in the garbage, but also make a living off of it by finding food that is safe to eat. Written throughout by Eigner, However, is a counter argument that goes to show just how wrong the normal stereotypes of a…

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  • Analysis On Dumpster Diving

    In the essay “On Dumpster Diving,” Eighner describes the specific instructions to dumpster diving. His essay not only includes the items that can be found dumpster diving but also the different types of scavengers that can be found. Before Eighner got into the main idea to his essay, there was a section that described Eighner 's past before he began dumpster diving. From this introduction, you could conclude that Eighner became homeless. Today, homelessness is a major concern. Homeless people…

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