Analysis Of Local Wonders By Ted Kooser

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Do you ever wonder why things turn out the way they do: why the colors of the leaves change when the season turns from summer to fall, or why someone can be treated so awfully, yet still continue to love that person with all their heart ? “The sense of wonder speaks of our hunger to be moved, to be engaged and impassioned with the world and take pleasure in it, attuned to it and fascinated by it” (7 Ways to Spark Your Sense of Wonder).
It is Ted Kooser, an American poet and a Pulitzer Prize winner that we have to thank for the creation of Local Wonders. Local Wonders consists of collections of Ted Kooser’s lifespan memories. From snapshots of his childhood to slices of his present, he who is a two times United States Poet Laureate, takes us on an adventure to experience these wonders along his side. In Local Wonders, Ted Kooser shares with us several vignettes about his time growing up in Ames, Iowa and years later in life, about his time near the countryside of Garland, Nebraska. He shares these stories of his life by splitting them up into categories of the four seasons; Spring, Summer, autumn, and Winter. Each anecdote is separated by a leaf icon to show the transition to a new memory.
Ted Kooser wrote, “If they get sick, they’re on their own” (Kooser 40). His use of description really hits home. He puts these employees in
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My only criteria when buying the car was that I needed a moon roof. It is nine o’clock at night and I am riding around in my new car with the moon roof open and the windows down. I stop at an empty parking lot, turn the car off, and recline the seat. I am looking up at the sky, counting the many stars and enjoying the scenery. I am fascinated by the brightness that each star has. There is a unique distinction between each of them. Then, there is the moon. It is in its waxing crescent phase. The outside is quiet and peaceful and for that brief amount of time it was just the sky and

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