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  • Environmental Effects Of Bisphenol A

    Plastic is a material that never decomposes back into its original form; this means it lasts forever. While this plastic is laying around it poisons people and mammals, chokes animals to death daily, and is an eyesore on Earth. A decisive action needs to be taken to get the existing plastics removed from the environment and use alternatives to this deadly material… before it’s too late. Plastic is currently the number one most preferred material in today's industrial world; this is posing an…

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  • Personal Narrative-I Really Hate Camping

    including myself. We’re a big family of seven, my mom, my dad, myself, and my four little brothers, Mohammed, Mahmoud, Ahmad, and Walid. I don’t really like camping, because I hate being outdoors. I’ve always felt that it’s unsafe. As I was packing my bag for the trip, and I felt like this trip…

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  • Analysis Of Local Wonders By Ted Kooser

    Do you ever wonder why things turn out the way they do: why the colors of the leaves change when the season turns from summer to fall, or why someone can be treated so awfully, yet still continue to love that person with all their heart ? “The sense of wonder speaks of our hunger to be moved, to be engaged and impassioned with the world and take pleasure in it, attuned to it and fascinated by it” (7 Ways to Spark Your Sense of Wonder). It is Ted Kooser, an American poet and a Pulitzer Prize…

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  • Exploding Lunch Bag Lab Hypothesis

    #27 Erick Roque The Exploding Lunch Bag Introduction “POP!” A balloon just blew up. But no, it was a plastic bag. But no one was there. So who blew it up? It turns out that it blew up by a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and… WATER!!! What do you think, can you pop a bag with that mixture? Purpose The reason why I chose this experiment is because I have seen the reaction when both vinegar and baking soda go together… an explosion of vinegar. And if vinegar and baking soda can…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Plastic Bags

    Plastic bags drifting through the wind have many references in popular culture. From Katy Perry’s song fireworks to a random episode of Family Guy, somehow a mindless act of a piece of plastic being tossed around in the blowing wind has made an impression on today’s culture. Plastic bags, however, have been up for debate as to whether or not they should be used or banned. Some say they use up resources that we can not get back; release toxins into the air, water, and ground; kill animals that do…

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  • Analysis Of Garbology By Edward Humes

    Our goal is to eliminate the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and promote the use of reusable bags, which will help the environment. We are students from Penn State Brandywine, located in Media, and are doing a school project for the campus read Garbology by Edward Humes. This project is for “us,” the students, to help spread the word that plastic bags are harming the environment. We have become addicted to the convenience of plastic, and it is time for serious change. After watching…

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  • Pallet Trucks Case Study

    The purpose for employing pallet trucks is to facilitate movement of pallets from one location to another. Not only do pallet trucks make pallet transportation simpler, but it also eases the burden of loading and unloading heavy pallets in a safe manner in addition to considerably minimizing transportation times. Due to the heaviness of many pallets, pallet trucks must be both strong and functional. Pallet trucks are typically used in industries, such as warehouses, chemical and…

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  • Plastic Bags Should Be Banned Essay

    Plastic bags should be banned becaues they contribute to the pollution in our world. Plastic bags are lightweight, so they can travel long distances by water or wind. Because they are lightweight they can easily blow out of trashes and they can possibly clog waterways, damage land (10 reasons why plastic bags should be banned, 2017,October 26). Also plastic bags can contribute and make ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes (which countries have banned plastic bags?, 2003-2018). They also litter…

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  • Creative Writing: Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf

    Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf? Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Tra la la la la.” I watched from the bushes as the young girl skipped through the forest singing that line over and over again. Stalking little girls isn’t something I normally do but she has a bag that smells really good. “Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf? Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Tra la la la la.” I continued to follow her along the path through the forest. “Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf,…

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  • Plastic Bags And The Negative Environmental Effects Of Cordova

    The article is about the use of plastic bags and the negative environmental effects that it had in Cordova. It articulates the measures taken to reduce the use of plastic bags. As more plastic bags are used an uneconomic use of the resources is taking place thus market failure occurs. Market failure is a situation whereby the allocation of resources by the free market is inefficient. It can be exhibited in the form of, the existence of externalities both positive and negative. An externality…

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