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  • Jhumpa Lahiri Culture

    written by Jhumpa Lahiri, Ashoke and Ashima, who are Bengalis and moved to America for a better education and life, try to maintain their culture. In her novel, Lahiri clarifies the different aspects of Bengali culture in depth through the experiences of Ashoke and Ashima in America. Some of the aspects of Ashoke and Ashima’s Bengali culture are being family oriented, practicing arranged marriage, and naming children in a unique way. One aspect of Bengali culture is being family oriented. Bengalis usually have an extended family, live close to each other, and care for each other. They are all together in times of happiness and mourning. For example, when Ashima went to America with Ashoke for the first time, her 26 family members went to Dum Dum airport to see her flying. Moreover, Bengalis never think of staying away from their family. For instance, Ashoke in his twenties didn’t go far from his family except from his journey to some cities in India. Ashoke wondered how Mrs. Jones, who was an elderly secretary at the university in which he had been hired as an assistant professor in electrical engineering, lived alone by herself. Lahiri notes, “Mrs. Jones leads a life that Ashoke’s mother would consider humiliating: eating alone, driving herself to work in snow and sleet, seeing her children and grandchildren at most three or four times a year” (3.48). Bengalis do their everyday tasks together; they don’t want to be apart from their family members for a second. They always…

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  • Dum Russian Assembly: Article Analysis

    The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica. “Duma: Russian Assembly.” Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica. Web. 03 Dec. 2015.The article about the Russian Assembly called The Duma found in the Encyclopedia of Britannica contained an extreme amount of information. The article starts out by explaining what the Duma is. The article states, “The Duma constituted the lower house of the Russian parliament, and the State Council was the upper house.” The Duma was appointed by Czar Nicholas II…

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  • Catcher In The Rye: Music Analysis

    misunderstand me, she simply didn't smell very right. I mean young ladies ought to notice a specific way-like infant powder, new garments and scent. Something that was silly, y'know. Jean, I swear, possessed an aroma similar to an organic product serving of mixed greens or Old Spice. I despise Old Spice. I mean I like Jean fine, y'know. She's extraordinary, yet I just couldn't notice her. Christ, I should be nuts. Out of the blue I begin to envision myself as the old mariner in the Old Spice…

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  • Kong The Adventurous: A Short Story

    It… It… It was… DUM DUM FLOWERS! Freshly picked! I ran back to my land panicking and searching the area one more time for my parents. “MOM! DAD! WHERE ARE YOU!?” I screamed. Sure enough, they were nowhere to be found. I knew this only meant one thing, my parents were uni-napped by an evil unicorn from the other side! I knew I had to save them. I packed my bags and headed for the Evil Rainbow. When I got to the terrifying rainbow, I placed one hoof on the horrible, no good Evil Rainbow then…

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  • Curley's Wife Stereotypes Analysis

    Stereotypes are generalized ideas that are used to define us in society. In the story they are used to make feel character's superior and/or lesser of one another. When Curley’s wife comes into Crooks bunk in the harness room, she uses his cognitive disability as a way to make her feel superior than him by making an insinuation by referring him as a “dum-dum” due to his mental illness. “An’ what am I doin’? Standin’ here talkin’ to a bunch of bindle stiffs―a nigger an dum-dum and lousy ol’…

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  • Response To The Issues Of Hamlet Essay

    For example from, hartfordstage.org, they use “da-dum da-dum da-dum da-dum da-dum” As they explain it further; Shakespeare lines; “but soft what light through yonder window breaks (Romeo, Act II Scene 2, Romeo and Juliet)” and, “A little more than kin, and less than kind: (Hamlet, Act I Scene 2,…

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  • Medical Decision-Making: A Short Story

    pulling up the patient’s chart, closing the door, and trying to maneuver into a corner. In the small rooms, it’s a complicated dance that we’ve slowly perfected after hundreds of patients. 40+ patients, 13 hours, 6 rooms, 2 techs, 1 doctor...and 1 furiously typing scribe. In a typical day, we inevitably see a host of lacerations, rashes, UTIs, and twisted ankles. In the midst of all this, my responsibility is condensing each patient’s narrative into a neat, accurate clinical note, putting in…

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  • Chapter 3 Analysis Of Birches Sparknotes

    3.3 Analysis of Birches: Its Rhythm, Stress and Scansion Birches is a single stanza poem of 59 lines. It is a blank verse poem since it is unrhymed and in iambic pentameter. Each line should have five feet (10 syllables) and follow the classical, steady da-DUM da-Dum da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM beat, but Birches does not. Frost changed the meter (metre in UK) of convinced lines to help strengthen meaning and to introduce texture and tightness for the reader. Some of these partings from the iambic make…

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  • Understanding Marc Antony's Funeral Oration In Julius Caesar

    the rhythm of his lines is completely aligned and married to meaning and emotion”. The inner rhythms of the lines are also vital. Rodenburg says that, “Two syllables are needed to create an iambic and the stress falls on the second: de dúm” (84). However, the variations in theses beats can be indicative of deeper meaning (Rodenburg 86). In Antony’s speech, there are instances of regular and irregular iambic pentameter along with a variety of inner rhythms. Applying Rodenburg’s directions to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Thanksgiving Assignment

    On the way there, we were cracking jokes about school and I decided this was a good time to tell them. This time around, I got up to “By the way guys, thank you for…” before Alex cut me off and said “Wait are you doing the English assignment thing? Mahika mentioned it to me yesterday when we were facetiming!” Before I knew it, Jay and Alex were yelling nonsense at each other back and forth before I yelled “YA DUM DUMS I was trying to thank you for being loyal unlike the rest of our friends and…

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