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Hope is the feeling responsible for preventing people from giving up and quitting. The power of hope gives people a reason to keep fighting for the future they desire. In Kamala Markandaya’s novel, Nectar in a Sieve, which takes place in the 1950s, she tells her readers about the hope two destitute farmers in rural India: Nathan and Rukmani. They face monsoons, droughts, and other hardships that attempt to destroy their lives and those of their children, but through the troubles, they meet wonderful people that help them survive and flourish. Throughout the novel, Markandaya shows the true importance of hope and how it helped Rukmani’s family never give up.
To begin with, even though many valuable things are lost, the family refused to give
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During the first part of the novel, the two oldest boys try to earn money for their parents. They go to the tannery that they abhorred so much just to work and get more money for food. Nathan and Rukmani do not want them to work there and instead work the land, but they choose a path that will earn more money. They would not have ignored their parent’s wishes had it not been for the hope they possessed for the future. Later, the oldest child, Irawaddy, resorts to prostitution to try and save Kuti. After the enigma of Ira’s disappearances were solved and became normal, Rukumani said that, “she would leave at night, and with her earnings, Irawaddy was able to buy rice and salt, and milk for the child…” (38). Although her parents did not concur with her decisions, she was able to help feed everyone. She only became a prostitute because of the hope that by earning money that way, she would help Kuti survive. A final reference is that Selvam always believed in the greater good and protected his family. Selvam said that “‘it is perpetual shame to me that I have nothing to offer my parents. Yet I promise they shall not go in need.’” (51). He volunteers to assist his parents the best he can by taking care of Ira and her albino child, Sacrabani. His actions are driven by a sole element -- hope . Overall, the children do their best to support their family, powered by their faith in the …show more content…
After the drought, when Kuti dies, Rukmani is glad that he is no longer suffering. She said, “yet, although I grieved… I could not have wished it otherwise. The strife had lasted too long…” (38). She did not want Kuti to live his life suffering, and she was happy he did not have to live his life starving. She kept the hope that he would not live his life in pain, and now he is in a better place, where he does not have to struggle. Later on, when Sacrabani was born, Rukmani keeps about him and his well-being. Along with buying her adoptive son, Puli, a droll dum dum cart, she got another, saying “for my little grandson… who has had so much to bear from his birth.” (67). She buys her grandson a toy when she is so far away from him, showing just how confident she is that she will return back to her children. The hope that she will return back to her children was what allowed her to have that amount of confidence. Towards the end of the novel, when Nathan dies, Rukmani still believes in Puli’s life and brings him home. She could have left Puli there alone, but she cajoled him to get him to come with her. Her mother-like instincts told her not to leave him alone, and to help him get better; so, she brought him back to the hospital. Without her hope, Puli would have been left to fend for himself in the streets and possibly die from the disease he has. All in all, Rukumani

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