Instant Cabin Tent Case Study

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Why Should You Get the Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room Instant Cabin Tent?
Description: This Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room instant cabin tent review discusses the strengths and weaknesses of this huge tent.
The makers of the Ozark Trail 12-person, 3-room instant cabin tent has one big promise—that this cabin tent can be set up in under two minutes despite its huge size. This is arguably the major selling point of this instant cabin tent. However, you will also realize that there are other things you will like with this cabin tent like how it can accommodate up to 12 persons, and with enough illumination inside.
In this Ozark Trail 12-person, 3 room instant cabin tent review, we’ll take a closer look at the specs, features, pros, and cons of
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This design leaves around six inches of material on the floor, which can potentially cause you and other individuals to trip on it.
• While it is easy to put together, disassembling it can be quite tricky and time consuming.
Summary of Amazon Reviews
The tent is highly rated on, with a 4.4 star rating out of a possible 5 star rating. Out of the 34 reviewers, 65 percent gave this tent a perfect 5 star rating. On the other hand, 9 percent gave it a 1-star rating.
The most common praise that reviewers heaped on this tent is how easy it is to assemble. They agree that it can be set up within minutes, although many say it is not as quick as 2 minutes. Other reviewers say they can set up the tent by their lonesome.
Another common feedback is the toughness of this tent. One reviewer said they’ve been using the tent for some time now, and the only time that it collapsed was when there was a terrible rainstorm. He was not surprised because at that time, there was even a tornado warning.
But not everyone is happy with this tent. A common complaint is about the poor quality of the materials. One reviewer mentioned that the metal pins in the joints of his tent were easily bent and broke.
Step by Step Setting Up
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If you’re looking for a big tent that would not give you problems at all in setting it up, then this is the tent you should get. Any Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room instant cabin tent review would tell you that.
This tent is great for use even in the hot summer months or during the rainy season. It may not be recommended for use during the winter season, though. Still, you will like how sturdy this tent is even in the face of strong winds.
Final Words
As you may read in an Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room instant cabin tent review, the tent is far from perfect. The metal pins aren’t exactly top quality. The zipper can also get stuck. And the flooring is made of thin tarp material.
While these are legitimate concerns, you can ensure the long life of the tent by handling it properly. You should also make it a habit to put a tarp underneath the tent so that you can protect its thin flooring. And follow the storage tips as recommended by the manufacturer.
The Ozark Trail 12 person, 3 room instant cabin tent is definitely recommended for big families and groups of

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