Persuasive Speech About Traveling

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Have you ever wondered about traveling outside your city or state, but you were thinking in your mind what should I do? Today I will be explaining and giving some advice to help you be ready and ready to travel without getting worried or complicated. We all know that traveling requires taking your personal stuff with you to whatever place you are traveling to, either you were traveling aboard (airplane) or driving on land (car). Sometimes human brain won’t be really helpful in remembering your personal items, or sometimes you have a lot of stuff to take with you that would be really hard to remember it. This is why I’m here to help you out, the first method I would prefer is having a notebook and a pencil so you can start writing the items that you are getting to you, the day that you start packing up your bags you will start crossing out the item that you found and have already been put in. The most common mistake that everyone gets through is that they start writing their items in the notebook at the last moment, which is kind of hard because you might get confused and forget writing stuff down. Some people …show more content…
First you need to know there is a season time for airlines company, why? Because people usually travel at a certain time during the year so what airlines always do is higher their prices because they know that people would still buy their tickets, summer vacation are the worst time to travel because prices are so and airports are really crowded, winter and spring is the best time to travel but avoid Christmas time because its holiday season which prices could grow amazingly. Never ever buy your tickets from the airline because prices are so high, you can go to travel agents offices and ask for a good price tickets, their prices are super low compared to other

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