LLEH World: A Short Story

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Her eyes were beautiful shades of mahogany, yet when she opened her mouth I saw the reason everyone wanted her soul so badly, “Why me, I have such a fabulous life, and I can 't give that up she said,”
Hopefully she can change her venomous greed and envy with my help, because if not LLEH World will hold her soul.

I remember seeing her once in my past too, on my travels through the northern cities of massachusetts before I died and became the reaper, she was six at the time galloping through the gravel like an invisible horse carried her, so innocent, and kind.

Fun fact for you, young children have the purest souls of all ages than by the time their sixteen they become corrupted and full of despair. Yet I laugh in my own mind, when I think about how even in death a person we saw once in our lifetime who wasn’t that important,
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Welcome Oliver Hassen to LLEH World, I’m so glad you 're here, a position was left unfilled here just for you. Just walk with me and I’ll fill you in on the simple standards you 're held to, you see that person dangling above the pit of boiling lava, well in life he burned the happiness out of people’s life by setting their homes on fire, and saving only one person out of the household to gain all of the glory of a good person, so he will face the same torturement he perpetrated to those angels, for every life he took, which was over 10, he will be above that pit for 1,000 years, then god will decide his soul’s worthiness, either heaven or forever walking the surface of Earth alone, see you collect the souls of people who have hurt others whether physically or mentally.

“Why me though, well heaven’s waiting for you, but first you have to collect a minimum of 1,000 souls,
For what I haven’t hurt anyone?! Technically you did Oliver….
The car you crashed into killed the driver, and severely hurt a young girl, when you 're ready she will be the 1,000th soul your hands will carry

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