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  • The Soul And Soul In Simmias's Theory Of The Soul

    In Phaedo, Simmias believes that the soul is similar to the harmony made from an instrument. Socrates points out two statements that make Simmias rethink his views on the soul and the body. As Socrates turns down Simmias 's theory of the soul, not only is he able to convince Simmias, he is also able to make great arguments that support his ideas on how the soul cannot be relatable to the attunement of an instrument. Simmias 's opinion on the soul is that the harmony that is produced by an instrument is similar to the relationship between the body and the soul. Simmias mentions that the soul exists before it enters into the body of a person however the soul is composed of elements that do not exist yet. His comparison between the soul and a harmony is that a “harmony is something invisible,…

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  • The Importance Of The Soul

    the soul. There are many thoughts to be had about souls. Are souls real? Do people have souls? Will their souls be what goes to heaven or hell? Will their soul continue to exist after the body dies? These questions are ideas that should be brought to focus and answered. Yet it’s so…

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  • Plato's Relationship Between The Soul, Love, And Soul

    Unlike the body, the soul is immortal. It is a form, or perhaps an idea that dictates the ideals of beauty. Unlike the soul, the body inevitably changes through body modifications, stress, health-related issues, and time. Soul, beauty, love, and the body all intertwine together, even if sometimes their ideas oppose each other, like the purity of the soul versus the impurity of the body. The relationship between the soul and the body, and love and beauty is well depicted in Plato’s Symposium:…

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  • The Existence Of The Soul

    The existence of a soul and its connection to the human body is debated often in metaphysics, since its substance could possibly prove or disclaim the existence of life after the body dies. If the soul exists, and is unrelated to the body, then it may possibly continue on without a corporeal form. If the soul is a byproduct of the body, than it is just as mortal, and will cease to exist when the heart stops. It is my belief that the soul is the result of thought, and is unconnected to the human…

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  • The Soul Essay

    a better understanding of the concept of the soul, one should know its meaning from different religious perspective.In Judaism, the soul is the referred to as nephesh and ruah, which means breath and wind or spirit respectively. Two essential concept of the soul in this religion is that every living thing has a soul,which is referred to as the life-force and that emotions and the fundamental core of the human beings are stored in the soul.“All the while my breath is in me, and the spirit of God…

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  • Soul Reflection Paper

    The Soul: how it is different from spirit, mind and body The Soul Humans have always had a fascination in determining and describing what the soul is and what it can be. Influential Ancient Greek philosophers first introduced the topic of the Soul to the philosophical and psychological authority community since the dawn of Socrates ' age. Philosophers such as Plato believed in the immortality of the soul that composed of three parts (logical, high-spirited, appetitive) that influenced judgment…

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  • Plato's Body And Soul

    1. Plato does not think that the people have a soul; he believes that the soul is just a different way of looking at the body. Both body and soul are a reflection of different layers of reality, and neither are divine. However, the soul is a more accurate representation of the truth than the body is. Plato considers the soul to be composed of three different parts: the rational part, the spirited part, and the appetitive part. The rational part binds the body and soul together by its thinking.…

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  • Importance Of Immortality Of The Soul

    philosophers argue whether or not the soul survives death and if it does, how or where does it go. This topic can cause a lot of controversy because immortality of the soul can be tied to many religions and faiths. As many researchers and scientists have discovered it is hard to test this theory, because there is no possible way to actually know what happens when a human being passes away. However, many philosophers and researchers have discovered multiple ways that we can somewhat justify the…

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  • The Importance Of The Human Soul

    The human being is actually a heart being, having a heart and living in the body. Minor has been known about the body however soul and the individual spirit are like no-go zones. For humanity to assert overall health within the 21st century, mankind should muster the courage to exceed the typical. Breaking new reasons, championing new ideas and venturing into the unknown. No-one can find new countries without leaving the shore. Our shallow efforts and information can't guarantee our conquer…

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  • Socrates's Argument Of The Soul

    that the soul is like the Forms and therefore is immortal, Simmias interrupts and tries to disprove Socrates’ argument. He begins by comparing Socrates’ argument to a harmony in relation to its instrument (85e-86a). Simmias suggests that a harmony is to a soul as a lyre is to the body. He reasons that, if we accept Socrates’ line of argument, the harmony must not only preexist the lyre but also live on after it is destroyed. I find this reasoning to have one true quality but also one false…

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