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  • Fiction Sound Design

    The Use of Sound Design in Creating Fiction The crowd rustles, the jostling for seats rises and then slowly abates. Lights begin to dim, and a quiet stillness of anticipation palpably subdues the audience. After darkness and silence fills that space of minute eternity, sounds in orchestra escape into wanting ears and thus a sojourning through story, in the form of theatre, begins its irrepressible rein. Regardless of technology, or venue sophistication; regardless of social status or currently perceived historical precipice; regardless of the tale itself, the unfolding of events wraps the participants in a warm blanket of pure human familiarity and leads them into a new mythical now. There are many assets utilized to perpetuate this all…

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  • Sound Design In Theatre

    Since theatre first became popular in the times of the Greek, the use of sound to enhance theatrical experience has been prominent. However, many leaps have been made since then to improve a sound designer’s abilities to create different and intricate sounds in their design processes. The evolution of sound playback systems is a key element in the development of sound design in theatre. Through exploration of the history of sound playback, the current available playback systems on the market and…

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  • Renaissance Architecture: Historical Influence During The Renaissance Period

    form of architecture used during the time mainly originating from mainly Greek and Roman times and styles. During the Renaissance time period, numerous architects such as Bartolommeo Bandinelli were known for the design of dome creations used mainly in cathedrals in Florence, these design were now larger and more extravagant than ever previously created before. The exterior elements of the dome during the Renaissance architecture period were impressive to many by themselves, the interior…

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  • Electric Guitar History

    The drum is the percussion and was the primal music instrument because of its ease of use. All our ancestors needed to do was beat on it in order to get the sound output. Drums exist in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can also be customized according to specific needs of the drummer. Different tools known as beaters are used to strike them, these tools can be wooden sticks, wire brushes, wooden sticks with cloth or cotton head or in some cases even bare hands. Adding to that some drums…

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  • Sound: A Periodic Wiggle In Time

    Sound is an amazing spectacle, it is a thing that is made up of vibrating waves that move up and down back and forth. Two ways to think of sound in a real life example are: 1st a slinky; the way it jiggles back and forth is much like how a sound wave can jiggle, 2ond a water wave; the way that the wave looks much like a squiggly horizontal line that is what sound waves act much like. A vibration, A.K.A the up and down slinky motion and the to and fro water wave motion, are called vibrations. A…

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  • Music Chromatography Research Paper

    primarily used to study acoustics in laboratory research. The construction of the phonograph was heavily inspired by the anatomy of the human ear. Consisting of three main components that replicated the build of the ear canal, eardrum, and ossicles. Sound waves would be transcribed by a very lightweight bristle attached to a thin membrane (the ossicles) that moves in accordance with the sound waves around it. The movements of the needle are then etched onto a lampblack-coated parchment surface.…

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  • Sound Design Used In Francis Ford Coppola's 'Apocalypse Now'

    ABSTRACT In this paper, the role and function of Walter Murch’s sound design used in Francis Ford Coppola’s film Apocalypse Now (1979) will be described and analyzed through specific scenes throughout the entire film, which I consider important so to understand the narrative of this film. Sound Design elements will be covered such as: usage of sound, styles of sound, diegetic and non-diegetic sound, acousmatic sound and foley sound. INTRODUCTION Sound, is frequently made submissive to image…

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  • Houston Live Performance

    in this case, the urban music plays with speakers so the audience is able to hear the music clearly. The speakers provide the music with a better sound quality. The place where the music is performed is designed for a small audience. Unlike concert halls where the auditorium is bigger its…

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  • What Is The Evolution Of The Stethoscope

    That iconic piece of equipment that hangs around all physicians necks that gives them a professional aura. We all know what this is, it’s the stethoscope. Have you ever wondered how doctors listened to their patients lungs and heart before the stethoscope was invented? How they made accurate diagnosis without the essential stethoscope all healthcare workers use today? Before the early 1800’s physicians didn’t have a tool to do this. They would place their ear next to the patient's chest and…

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  • Differences Between Terrestrial And Aquatic Mammals

    conspecifics. Elephants not only use their large ears to capture frequencies of sound, but they also use fatty cushions in the feet pads to detect vibrations by bone conductions. Whales abandoned their external ears to be able to swim faster, but they have also enhanced their hearing due to the exceptional way…

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