Sound pressure

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  • Low Pass Filter Essay

    1. Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to gain an understanding of how to use a signal generator, acquire data, understand the concept of a Low Pass Filter, gain knowledge of time domain sampling and sample rate, learn how to analyze and present data in MATLAB, as well as learn how to calibrate a microphone and record sound pressure data. To accomplish this the role of an electronics technician whose responsibility was to validate the performance of data acquisition equipment that will be used to acquire data on an upcoming project was taken on. 2. Effect of a Low Pass Filter In order to determine the effect of a low pass filter the NI9234 module was connected to the output of the function generator and set to channel 0. The Data…

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  • Outline Of A Hearing Conservation Proposal

    Gum Company, LLC 123 Street Drive, Somewhere, ST 01234 Hearing Conservation Program Proposal Dear Mr. Smith, Thank you for your inquiry about a hearing conservation program for your company. I’ve provided an outline of a hearing conservation program with OSHA guidelines and costs for you to consider. To clarify some of your questions, the abbreviation of dB stands for decibels, which is how acoustic power is measured. Since the human ear can’t hear all the sounds that may be measured…

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  • Parkinson's Disease: A Case Study Summary

    similar treatment program that differed from the LSVT only in that it emphasized high respiratory effort over high respiratory-phonatory effort. The results of this comparison showed that while LSVT resulted in greater improvements in sound pressure level (SPL) over the alternative program, the other program still contributed to patient improvement in vocal loudness. Since vocal loudness was able to be improved without the phonatory emphasis highlighted in LSVT program, the researchers wished to…

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  • Composing Music In Video Games

    involves composing music is an animation score writer. All types of music has its style and rules, and animation scores are no different. Musical scores for animation are often more energetic than other forms of media. (Fernandez) Music for animation changes styles, tone, and mood more often than other styles of music. (Fernandez) Changing those elements of the song creates atmosphere for scenes in the show, and makes the composition as well as the show unique. Musical styles change based on the…

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  • Electric Guitar History

    The drum is the percussion and was the primal music instrument because of its ease of use. All our ancestors needed to do was beat on it in order to get the sound output. Drums exist in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can also be customized according to specific needs of the drummer. Different tools known as beaters are used to strike them, these tools can be wooden sticks, wire brushes, wooden sticks with cloth or cotton head or in some cases even bare hands. Adding to that some drums…

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  • Importance Of Noise Pollution

    A sound is the oscillation of pressure in materials such as the atmosphere, water, or the earth. In spite of the fact that the domain for the pressure oscillations of sound is rather small, there is a significant difference in pressure between the weakest sound heard by a human being (such as the sound of the rustling of leaves), and the strongest sound heard by them (such as the launching of a missile, or an explosion). The size of such difference is measured by the range of the oscillations…

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  • Sound And Music In Medicine

    The Role of Sound and Music in Medicine Touch, sight, taste, smell, and sound; these are the means in which we interact with the world. I ask the question; which one is more important? We have all been asked this before, but has it been given enough thought? Enough research and time? Obviously this is a loaded question, filled with more subjective thoughts and personal preferences than researchable facts. In any case; all the senses are instrumental in our perception of the world. The…

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  • Ultrasound

    ultrasounds are, how we use them, what is the application of an ultrasound in medicine, how each part works in the ultrasound machine. Another thing that this paper will be talking about, would be why ultrasounds use sound waves, what is a sound wave, and how sound waves reflect back. Ultrasounds, also known as ultrasound or sonography, is a type of moving sound pressure wave. An ultrasound is a safe and painless procedure that allows us to see through the layers of skin of to see a person’s…

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  • Differences Between Terrestrial And Aquatic Mammals

    conspecifics. Elephants not only use their large ears to capture frequencies of sound, but they also use fatty cushions in the feet pads to detect vibrations by bone conductions. Whales abandoned their external ears to be able to swim faster, but they have also enhanced their hearing due to the exceptional way…

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  • Bilingual Children's Phonological Study

    recorded when phonetically dissimilar sound so-called “unshared sound” in the specific language appeared in the other languages, or when a fine phonetic distinction specific to one language was found in the…

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