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  • Process Essay: What Is Music?

    today than in the past. So that raises the question. What is music? Many people may have many different answers. Some people may say it is just a bunch of instruments playing together on stage, but does it even have to be that? Music can have absolutely no sound, but still be considered music. So what makes music “music?” I believe that music is any sort of sound whether they are organized, or unorganized that come together that make the listener feel something in some sort of way. These sounds do not even have to mean anything at all. The sounds do not have to have any sort of rhythm or pitch either. However there is a line between a performance art and music. Some things people like to call music I do not. A good example of something I would not call music is a song by John Cage. John Cage’s song titled “4’33” is a song where the person playing plays nothing at all. To Cage the music during this song would be the silence in the audience, and the way people…

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  • Fiction Sound Design

    The Use of Sound Design in Creating Fiction The crowd rustles, the jostling for seats rises and then slowly abates. Lights begin to dim, and a quiet stillness of anticipation palpably subdues the audience. After darkness and silence fills that space of minute eternity, sounds in orchestra escape into wanting ears and thus a sojourning through story, in the form of theatre, begins its irrepressible rein. Regardless of technology, or venue sophistication; regardless of social status or…

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  • Electric Guitar History

    When it comes to music, every musician knows it’s all about the instrument and the quality of it. People might need different music instruments at different stages of their learning or professional careers. Over the long history of music, instruments have evolved from the very historic variations of beat drums to the much more advanced electronic guitars. The modern patters of music and advancements in the way people take music lessons have enabled multi instrument talents in individuals who are…

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  • David Eagleman Ted Talk Analysis

    What if we could one day feel things we couldn’t see, or taste sounds? As strange as that question sounds, it could be reality according to David Eagleman. In his TED talk he outlines several ways to substitute or increase our senses with technology. Some of these innovations might even be cheaper or replace the current technology being used. He explains that each animal has its own “umwelt” or surrounding world. For instance, humans can see less than ten trillionth of light rays, these rays…

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  • Jazz Night Concert Report Essay

    Jazz Night Concert Report The concert that I chose to attend was Jazz Night which was held at the Arnette Scott Ward performing Arts Center on the Pecos campus. I decided to show up to this performance because I have always had an appreciation for the skill and talent it requires to play an instrument. I was pleased by the concert because I heard a wide spectrum of timbre, and I was especially thrilled because I got to hear the brassy sound given off by the trumpets. I used to be a trumpet…

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  • How To Listen To Music Essay

    listening to. They have so many different ways was to listen to music some start with listening to the first sentence or skipping through the song to listen inattentively. In writing this I’m going to show you there are other great ways to listen to music in sensuous plane, expressive plane and sheerly musical plane. The first stage of listening to music is the sensuous plane. This is when we listen to music simply just for pleasure. It…

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  • Motion Picture Industry Analysis

    The motion picture industry began a shift into ‘talkies’ right before the Depression began, but the largest transition into sound took place during. Not many people in the industry were open to sound films at first, but the public was interested in hearing more than just music. As Kenneth MacGowan in “When the Talkies Came to Hollywood” states “the increase of sound-equipped theaters from under 9,000 at the end of 1929 to 13,000 two years later” shows how the industry quickly worked to…

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  • Dialogue In 1930s And 1940s Hollywood Films

    was the major turning point of sound in films, fueled the public with astonishment. As a result, the first spoken words in the movie, "Wait a minute, wait a minute..." (The Jazz Singer), transcribed into the history of films. In response to the popularity of sound films in the early 1930s, by 1929, live orchestra in theaters moved to backstage to solidify the liaison between visual and sound. Generally, the peak of gradual transition towards sound was between 1930s and 1940s, which was also…

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  • Houston Live Performance

    instruments and the vocal singer. With the singer there also might be backup singers. The stage at which they perform, is outside where the people can sit anywhere they want. The people can even have picnics where they sit. The live performances in this case, the urban music plays with speakers so the audience is able to hear the music clearly. The speakers provide the music with a better sound quality. The place where the music is performed is designed for a small audience. Unlike concert…

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  • World Percussion Night Reaction Paper

    Their performance at World Percussion Night consisted of three compositions: Beleganjur, Tari Telek, and Baris. These three songs are considered to be traditional Balinese gamelan pieces. In transitions between songs, I noticed that the instrumentalists switched positions to play a different instrument each time. During each song, I found it interesting that the director played an instrument along with the rest of the ensemble instead of standing on a podium and conducting like I am used to…

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