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  • Classroom Arrangement Analysis

    Classroom arrangement is a crucial part in having an effective classroom management. A classroom arrangement allows the teacher to observe, walk around, and help their students throughout the day in the classroom. Having an inefficient classroom arrangement allows time for students to become off task, disruptive, and to get up from their seats to wander around the classroom. Creating a layout that is efficient and easy to move around in allows students to learn, and participate more effectively. The classroom plan in Figure 1 shows a room layout for the students to have group time, reading, and computer time during different activities throughout the day. The tables are set up in a way that allows all students to access the information on the…

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  • My Classroom Arrangement In A Practicum School

    Personally, I have never liked these types of classrooms. As I observe the classroom I realized this type of classroom doesn’t allow the teacher to walk around as freely to the students. I have read many books on how setting arrangement affects the classroom, but I have never realized how important the sitting arrangement it until I witnessed the results of a different sitting chart. This week one of the students was very rude to the teacher. He ruled his eyes at the teacher and throughout…

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  • Classroom Reinforcement Analysis

    According to Tom Smith, Edward Polloway, James Patton, and Carol Dowdy, the instructional pressure for all teachers to teach increasingly complex curricula, while addressing a wide array of needs, became greater (2012, p. 109). Classroom management is a huge key to students learning. Not only that but behavior management is part of that because as a teacher you exhaust your time and yourself just trying to manage students’ behavior. Differentiation in the classroom is not only your instruction…

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  • My First Round Of Classroom Observation

    A student can easily become motivated or unmotivated depending on the arrangement of their desks. For example, during one of my classroom observations, I noticed that students who were seated in rows did not show as much engagement as the students who sat in groups working on a group scavenger hunt (A. Ortiz, personal observation, October 26, 2016). Different seating arrangements in the classroom have the power to determine how the student will act. For example, students who tend to sit in the…

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  • Case Summary: Soundcloud Wants To Be The Next Spotify

    The client transferred music gushing administration simply marked a noteworthy authorizing manage Universal Music Group, permitting it to lawfully stream tunes from the uber name 's gigantic inventory. This arrangement isn 't simply critical on the grounds that it includes enormous numbers and much greater specialists. It implies what 's next: SoundCloud is equipping to end up the following Spotify contender. For quite a long time, SoundCloud 's journey to end up a freemium music membership…

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  • My Reflection To Our Initial And Final Snaphots Into My Class

    Our initial and final syllabi represent two snapshots into our class-- how we originally expected our class to be formatted, and how the course ended up arranged. While there are several commonalities between our two syllabi, there are also some differences. Many of the similarities stem from the fact that all of the days/activities we had on our original syllabus (discussion days, guest speaker days, etc.) remained present on our final syllabus; the major change came from a new arrangement of…

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  • Groupon Essay

    the key elements to pull in clients. 1. "Individuals would have a go at something new if the cost was sufficiently low" (Kerin, R. An., and Hartley, S. W. 2017. p. 135) According to Andrew Mason a great many people like to purchase an item or administration when it is accessible at a lower cost than It normally does. 2. Convenience: The accessibility of Groupon neighborhood make the general population mindful of the nearby arrangements accessible…

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  • An Interview With My Mother

    I decided to interview my mom, Leslie Rooney, about her feelings towards music. My mom grew up in the 80’s in the United States. I was interested to learn about her musical preferences that she enjoyed while she was a high school student in her generation. My mother response was that she enjoyed much of the popular music at the time but leaned towards rock bands. Growing up in the Seattle area, she enjoyed listening to bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam because of their local connection. She…

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  • Clarity, Arrangement, And Tone

    The five cognate strategies I have chosen are Clarity, Conciseness, Arrangement, Credibility and Tone. Below we will look at how these five cognate strategies can be used in business writing. Clarity: There is no doubt that a business writing which is clearly written gives your audience or the intended receiver a clear understanding of the content of your message. For example, let say in two weeks time, there is going to be an announcement in the office, but however I wish to…

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  • Flexible Work Arrangement Essay

    Introduction Employee’s work life is always one of the major concerns of an organisation in the 21st century. Due to the high competitive environment in the organisation, employee always feel stressed out when working inside the organisation. Besides that, conflict might also occur when employee is stress out. This kind of conflict is not constructive conflict that can build the organisation, but is destructive conflict that might bring negative impact towards the organisation. In order to…

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