World Percussion Night Reaction Paper

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On Thursday, November 1, 2016, I attended World Percussion Night at Bowling Green State University. This musical event took place at 8:00 PM in Kobacker Hall located inside the Moore Musical Arts Center. World Percussion Night featured multiple styles including performances by the Kusuma Sari Balinese Gamelan, Afro-Caribbean, Hayabusa, and Kaze No Daichi Taiko ensembles. As I entered the building, I was anxious to see what I would endure at this concert. Not only had I never been to a musical performance of any kind throughout the duration of my time here at Bowling Green State University, but I had never witnessed just a percussion ensemble play before either. The first ensemble and the one that I wish to discuss was called Kusuma Sari Balinese Gamelan. …show more content…
Their performance at World Percussion Night consisted of three compositions: Beleganjur, Tari Telek, and Baris. These three songs are considered to be traditional Balinese gamelan pieces. In transitions between songs, I noticed that the instrumentalists switched positions to play a different instrument each time. During each song, I found it interesting that the director played an instrument along with the rest of the ensemble instead of standing on a podium and conducting like I am used to seeing at a musical concert. The director sat on the stage floor facing the other instrumentalists playing a small type of drum, or membranophone. Four other instrumentalists sat on the stage floor facing the audience and three other instrumentalists stood up to play their instrument. I noticed that all of the performers seemed to bob their heads along with the beat of the song instead of tapping their foot. Additionally, I was impressed to observe that there was so sign of sheet music in sight which means that parts of the music were memorized or

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