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  • Music Analysis: Gamelan Music

    Gamelan Music (Gam-a-lawn) is the traditional ensemble music of the islands of Java and Bali in Indonesia. These ensembles consist largely of percussive instruments. With different variations of gongs, mallet instruments, and drums, each instrument is struck with a mallet to produce a metallic/percussive sound. Each Gamelan Ensemble has a different style and can incorporate different percussive instruments, string instruments, and voice. This gives each Gamelan a unique texture. Gamelans may also vary intonation to change the blend of the ensemble. No two Gamelans are tuned alike. Every instrument is tuned to coordinate their outfit, subsequently, not requiring the utilization of a standard/strong pitch. Gamelan groups might utilize…

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  • World Percussion Night Reaction Paper

    On Thursday, November 1, 2016, I attended World Percussion Night at Bowling Green State University. This musical event took place at 8:00 PM in Kobacker Hall located inside the Moore Musical Arts Center. World Percussion Night featured multiple styles including performances by the Kusuma Sari Balinese Gamelan, Afro-Caribbean, Hayabusa, and Kaze No Daichi Taiko ensembles. As I entered the building, I was anxious to see what I would endure at this concert. Not only had I never been to a musical…

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  • Music And Gamelan Music

    One such composer was Peter Tchaikovsky. His composition of the tone poem “Romeo and Juliet” would be an example of music from this era. The arrangement follows the story line of Romeo and Juliet and displays their love for each other through the sounds of music. (Wright, C. M. (2014). Music is also used to help us celebrate events, such as ceremonies, weddings, etc. Two such examples of music used for celebration are Mariachi music and Gamelan music. An example of Gamelan music would be the…

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  • Death In Venice Analysis

    Exoticism, The Gamelan, and Sexuality Western music has drawn on many musical styles. Exoticism is one of the styles that was popular in the late nineteenth century. Exoticism, according to much literature, is deliberated as a form of representation that predicts people, cultural practices and places as foreign from a composer’s perspective or intended audience. Ralph Locke, in “Musical Exoticism: Images and Reflections,” defines exoticism as “a process of evoking a place, people, or social…

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  • Religious Syncretism In Indonesia

    Religious syncretism is when two or more religious belief systems are blended or combined into a new system. There are many reasons why religious syncretism happens. One of the most common ways that religious syncretism occurs is when two or more religious systems exist and are actively practiced in the same area. Eventually, the two religions may blend and become one. Religious syncretism may also happen when a conquering culture imposes its religion on the people it has conquered, but the…

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  • Musical Exoticism Analysis

    Colin McPhee’s piece Tabuh-tabuhan can be classified as a transcultural composition due to his appreciation and desire to use gamelan music to improve the music of his own culture. On the other hand, Benjamin Britten’s opera Death in Venice incorporates elements of both forms of exoticism, making it more difficult to classify. When compared the character Carmen, however, it is evident that Britten does not have the same intentions of alienating subjects of the non-western culture as Bizet. This…

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  • Exoticism In Britten's Death In Venice

    emphasized through the use of gamelan music. One way that Tadzio as the representation of homosexual desire is othered is through music. The role of Tadzio in Death in Venice is danced not sung, this in itself goes against the norms of opera paralleling how homosexuality goes against the norms of society at the time (lecture). Throughout the opera Tadzio does not speak or sing and Aschenberg gazes upon Tadzio from afar. The absence of dialogue or communication from Tadzio correlates with the…

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  • Essay On Mediated Discourse Analysis

    significance of employing mediated action as the central aim of the investigation done by my research is that it does not approve of one to concentrate on merely the mediational processes or just the social character. The direction of this inquiry is on the whole mechanism of how the social character uses the mediational processes to carry out a social action. The mediational process is the social or outside universe interconnecting the distinctive nature of the social character. The distinctive…

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  • Bumi Surabai Hotel Case Study

    The artistic shady gardens The hotel’s image from the outside does not lie, as when you enter the hotel, you will find that this hotel is truly an oasis in the middle of Surabaya City. You will walk past a big garden, with big trees, springs and koi ponds, with many sculptures of Hindu Gods (e.g. Hanoman, the monkey king and Sinta, a Hindu Goddess). There are many 5-star hotels to choose in Surabaya, but the resort-styled Bumi Hotel (ex Hyatt Hotel) is the only one with Hindu ambience.…

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  • The Meaning Of Preservation In The Retention Of Hinduism

    by krama in the cultural Village of Kuta on the competition to win the job opportunities and business competition due to perform retention of religion, the more efficient and effective the krama of cultural Village of Kuta use their time and potential in the social activities of religious and social. Therefore, the attitude of krama Desa Adat Kuta needs to be addressed or controlled carefully, wisely, and prudently to avoid the extreme behavior of preservation of religion that is only based on…

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