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  • The Role Of Graffiti In Literature

    lived during the ice age; cavemen. Modern sociologists and archeologists suggest that prehistoric graffiti represents “the births of both art and homo sapiens, as evidence for communication, visual representation, and beauty in early human cultures. This apparent familiarity has meant that modern graffiti has long been linked to its ancient antecedents” (Baird, 2). The illustrations that were created by cavemen are displayed on the walls of caves and depict life during the ice age. Similarly to our descendants, graffiti persists as a method of communication; however, the graffiti created today serves a broader range of purposes. Graffiti is utilized by individuals and communities to express how they feel about current events, to designate gang territory, and for aesthetics. The presence of graffiti in communities may be viewed as positive because it can facilitate social and political movements, but it is often viewed as harmful to communities because the word “graffiti” has a negative connotation due to its association with violence and disorder. Those who are outsiders of the graffiti community are more inclined to feel threatened by the presence of graffiti due to its correlation with crime. Although graffiti occupies spaces in both suburban and urban settings, it is more heavily concentrated in urban areas that are populated by the lower class. These areas contain older houses and other building that are run down. James Q Wilson, an American political scientist, proposed…

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  • Cause Of Gang Crimes

    Crime and gangs go hand in hand. They’ve existed for hundreds of years and will be here hundreds of years from now. The earliest gangs date back to the 1600s when the Italian mafia were established and in the 1800s for the Chinese Triads. Surprisingly, the two have more in common than one may conceive. Both groups originated because of resistance within their countries. The Italian mafia initiated while Sicily was still under the rule of Spain and the Chinese Triad’s during the anti-Manchu…

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  • Examples Of Transition From Adolescence Into Adulthood

    giving them a little more freedom. Parents may begin to let their teens stay out later and go on dates. Next comes college. Older teens look to their future after high school graduation, applying for college and eventually moving out of their childhood home and into an apartment or college dorm. All of these events are how most American teens transition from adolescence into adulthood, becoming part of this new group of adults. Gangs are considered groups of young adults who claim a certain…

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  • Why Teenagers Join Gangs Essay

    Teens join gangs for a variety reasons from families, schools, friends, to what city they live in. Gangs are everywhere, even some of the nicest cities. Peer pressure, family, protection, and boredom are the main reasons I noticed that teens join gangs. In reflecting upon my own adolescence and witnessing teens joining gangs, I believe that all these reasons are closely associated. It seems as though gangs have no boundaries it affects the poor and the rich, small towns, suburbia, and some of…

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  • Gang Allowances

    dangerous or the way media portrays them with the violence and segregations of organizations such as gangs and the crime rates? We see this occurring all around the world marking gangs as the number one problem to the situation. As a result we see many laws emerging across the country that focus on the gang “social problem”. Los Angeles, California is one of the largest cities known for the implement of gang injunctions and home to the deleterious battle among gangs ( the effects by). Whittier,…

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  • Service Learning Project Essay: Graffiti

    caused many people to perceive the problem of unlawfully vandalizing property as a harmless nuisance that can only be fixed but not prevented. Some see graffiti as a way to mark a gang’s territory while at the same time to show hostility to rival gangs. Others see graffiti as a form of art displaying a person’s talents in an unorthodox way. However, graffiti…

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  • Counter Culture Analysis

    In this article, the author gathers information on gang members from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, digging deeper into the lives of gangs. The author also gives us a new perspective by adding in many unexpected and surprising statements, including: “The pain,” he said, “seems a small price for a new life. I dream of being clean, even if it means being scarred.” (Quoted by gang member Christian Antunez during a tattoo removal process). By giving us a clear dominant and counter…

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  • Psychological Profile Of Piggy: The Lord Of The Flies

    I chose to sketch Ralph with his true friend Piggy. Throughout the novel Piggy supported Ralph and helped him. Piggy was an important character that always reminded Ralph of reason and the purpose of the signal fire. Also, I drew the conch beside Piggy because it represented the civilization and the control, that existed on the island. The conch called and regulated their meetings which Ralph always led, he tells me. As, you can see Ralph is tending the signal fire. The signal fire and hunting…

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  • What Is The Vantage Of High School Curriculum

    distributional uncer- tainty, under which the distribution governing the period-by-period realization of the payoff relevant state is unknown. Because of the dynamic nature of the problem, I consider agents who care about long-run outcomes (i.e., maximize their long-run average payoffs). In the long-run each signal struc- ture implicitly defines a stochastic evolution of beliefs and induces a limiting distribution thereover. Given distributional uncertainty, a long-run strategy must persuade the…

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  • Personal Reflection: With And Without Words

    Watching the video “With and Without Words” made me reflect about my last career choice and how I unknowingly used several forms primitive peripheral linguist as a means of communication with hand signals, non verbal code, visual non verbal and facial emotions. The backbone of the California food service industry is dominantly from a lower ecomnomilcal background and most are not fluent in English which can make communicating difficult at times.Working in a high school kitchen for five years and…

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