Gangs in the United States

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  • Unique Gangs In The United States

    Sadat Cano Arizona State University Unique Gang In the United States CJS 468 1/2/2015 What makes the gangs in the United States unique is that gang members in the United States are more likely to get arrested for drug and alcohol related crimes than non-gang members. In cities of the United States almost all report gang activity “86% percent of the United States report gang activity.”(Donnelley, 2014). This means that for every city, an average “¾ of the population report” (Donnelley, 2014) gang activity. In comparison to other countries around the world, the United States reported “33,000 violent street, motorcycle, and prison gang activity in the U.S."(Donnelley, 2014). There are estimated to be more than 1.4 million gang…

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  • Mara Salvatrucha Gang Analysis

    a. Culture/pg. 34: The language, beliefs, values, norms, behaviors, and even material objects that characterize a group and are passed from one generation to the next. Culture is a broad term describing the way people live. Each area in the world occupies a different culture. Each culture therefore has its own norms and expectations. In the United States we have the culture described as being a melting pot. One agreement across all cultures that occupy and exist in the United States is the…

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  • Gangs Vs Mafia

    century, they migrated to the United States. Mafia the most popular in the United States, Mexico, and Italy. Members of the mafia consist of people of the same race or nationality. Furthermore, a gang is a group of members who engage in groups to commit crimes. For example, gambling, drug dealing, protection, and prostitution. These crimes consist of murder, assault, theft, etc. They use intimidation to gain control of neighborhoods or territories. The gang is identified by colors, tattoos,…

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  • The Negative Influence Of Gangs In Today's Society

    There are many different views on how gangs are perceived in today’s society. During recent years, the rise in technology, especially the internet, has made it easier to access information about gangs. Which leads to popular culture and mass media in today’s society to have major influences on gangs and gang members. Today’s youth also has a crucial connection to the popular culture and mass media in that they are the biggest targets when it comes to gangs and its influence on youth. With…

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  • The Freedom Writers Film Analysis

    The extremes of gang violence and racism in our country were brought to light in the movie “The Freedom writers.” The main characters of this movie were just students, starting high school as freshmen. Ironically, they had already faced challenges in their lives that most people could never even imagine. This resulted in their tough outlook on life, and involvement in gang violence. To add to the mess, the gangs were strongly divided on racial lines. This separated the students, and even brought…

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  • Diverty And Poverty In Enrique's Journey By Sonia Nazario

    The rest travel alone. They are cold, hungry, and hopeless. They are hunted like animals by corrupt police, bandits, and gang members.” Local gangs are constantly robbing migrants, especially as they walk around the migrant checkpoint. Many men dressed in Mexican police uniforms wander around in search for lost, helpless migrants as they hope to find goods, sex, and money. The mayor’s driver is not surprised, “The judicial police, he says, routinely stop trains to rob and beat migrants.” Eighty…

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  • Salinas Gangs

    A mafia or gang is an undercover a group of offenders. This group was created in the mid-19th century in Sicily because, people became sick go government. Then it was scattered throughout the West, the United States of America and Australia. The most famous gang in the United States is five gangsters which are located in New York. At the beginning, gang was related to a family. Therefore, gang is an organized group of family. Each family controls a city, and the conformation of these families is…

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  • Drug Trafficking In Mexico Essay

    One of the causes of the involvement in drug trafficking between Mexico and the United States is the narco-culture in society. As the author of the article said most of the young people get involved in this crime because they see this Cartel leaders as heroes. They want to have all the money and power their have. The narco-lifestyles as it is called, is glamorized through narcocorridos (The narcocorrido is a musical composition that is notorious for its violent protagonists and powerful…

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  • Immigrants In Operation Wetback

    discussed, I the term “Wetback” I have heard before, but I did not have anything to relate to the term. Also, to learn that the Mexican officials actively participated in the emigration of the Mexican people to the United States and actually profited from the United States-Mexico border. How the “Great Depression was the main reason that convinced the Mexicans that they should return to their own country because the United States was experience one of their worst times in American History with…

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  • Violent Crime Theory

    Violent Crime, Theory, and Prevention The violent crime that chose to explain would be gang violence and the theory that I associated it with is Social Disorganization Theory. For the first time in decades, US politics have begun having a serious discussion regarding the deadly results of gun violence and the gang members who are behind it. Baltimore a city with just over 600,000 people, is one of the most dangerous cities within the United States, and have some of the highest violent crime…

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