Unique Gangs In The United States

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Sadat Cano
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Unique Gang In the United States
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What makes the gangs in the United States unique is that gang members in the United States are more likely to get arrested for drug and alcohol related crimes than non-gang members. In cities of the United States almost all report gang activity “86% percent of the United States report gang activity.”(Donnelley, 2014). This means that for every city, an average “¾ of the population report” (Donnelley, 2014) gang activity. In comparison to other countries around the world, the United States reported “33,000 violent street, motorcycle, and prison gang activity in the U.S."(Donnelley, 2014). There are estimated to be more than 1.4 million gang
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The MS-13 is another transitional street gangs that as been rivals with M-18 for decades and as taken so many lives through out the world. The gang MS-13 was created by a war torn country of Salvador and MS-13 motto is “rape, control, kill” (Fazeli, 2011). The Mala Salvatrucha or MS-13 means Salvadorian gang and is believe by experts that is the thirteen letter of the alphabet. The MS-13 was formed in Los Angeles California in order to combat predatorily attack on Salvadorian immigrants. The Mala Salvatrucha is made up of cliques who have names of sailors like “Pelages, Uniones, Normandy, Fulton’s”(Fazeli, 2011) and this cliques are spread around the world. The MS-13 work through unions that are “La hermandad” (Fazeli, 2011) which means in brotherhood this union supports each other with guns and drugs. The gang as spread from Los Angeles, California beyond do too the anti-gang policies the United States government enforced. The MS-13 can be seen in parts of Washington and West Virginia FBI as placed MS-13 as one of the most dangerous gangs in the world. The MS-13 is also known for notorious tattoos that symbolize “MS” (Fazeli, 2011) or Mala Salvatrucha. The MS-13 gang reputation are known for their violent acts toward any one that threatens their gang and their turf in any different country the gang resides in. The MS-13 is rivals with M-18 both gangs were created in Los …show more content…
The crimes that these gangs commit have evolved from traditional gang activities like armed robbery, extortion, and bootlegging to wide spread human trafficking, drug running, and even identity theft. The United States is a wealthy country with a large drug problem which only fuels the growth of street gangs and pushes them to cross borders into international relations with other members of the same gang. Like in the case of the MS-13 and M-18, the misfortune of prison or deportation created an opportunity to make connections around the world. Gangs from the United States have been known to be overly violent and ruthless to their enemy, which makes sense considering how they were

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