El Salvador

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  • El Salvador History

    The Conquest The history of El Salvador begins with the time period in which indigenous people resided in the country. According to Roy Boland, in Culture and Customs of El Salvador, The Spanish conquered El Salvador in 1524; the spanish found the country was divided into three states (13). The spaniards hegemonic influence finally converted El Salvador into a Spanish colony after twenty six years of indigenous resistance(Boland 14). Such conquest brought violence, diseases, and poverty to the indigenous people. The colonial period lasted until 1821(Boland 14). El Salvador finally became independent from Spain in 1821 and joined the United Provinces of Central America in 1823; however, in 1840 El Salvador gained full independence (Eileen…

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  • Violence In El Salvador

    El Salvador has been overran with unequal rights and violence caused by the Civil War. The 1 United States became involved in this conflict through the struggle for human rights, democracy, and equality. During the Civil War, the U.S. sent more than $4.5 billion in aid to the Salvadoran government, and trained many Salvadoran soldiers on U.S. ground. In 1977, the U.S. voiced concerns about the frequent human right violations. The Salvadoran government renounced all aid from the U.S. El Salvador…

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  • Violence In El Salvador Essay

    El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America and also one of the most dangerous countries. During the civil war in the 1980s a lot of salvadorans migrated to the USA and other countries, But most people immigrated to USA. But how this has connection to gangs problems? Salvadorans had lack of education and they were not legal residents in the USA, so they choose the easy life involving themselves in gangs as self-protection. Salvadorans began to commit crimes and the USA did not accept…

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  • The Importance Of Traveling To El Salvador

    one memory that I will never forget, the day when my family and I traveled to El Salvador. El Salvador is known as the smallest country in Central America. The reason why we went on a vacation to El Salvador was because it is both of my parent’s hometown. Once we arrived at the airport of El Salvador family members and friends greeted us. During our vacation we went to visit tourist places, but I did notice a couple of differences than the ones compared to California for instance; the food was…

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  • Chicago Monologue In El Salvador

    In “El Asco” Moya tells the story of his life in El Salvador through the protagonist Vega. Throughout the book Moya uses the character of Vega to unleash his monologue. Moya uses the character of Vega to retell his cold and cruel words about El Salvador. As the book goes on the monologue becomes more intense to the point where El Salvador sounds like a truly awful place. However, Moya wrote the book to expose the harsh and complex reality of El Salvador while expressing his distaste for…

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  • El Salvador Research Paper

    Before Romero In many ways, El Salvador was no different than many of its South American neighbors during the 1970 's and 1980 's. The oppressive government that existed in El Salvador had much in common with the violent regimes running Argentina, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and others. Death squads, supported if not organized by the ruling governments, murdered with no fear of reprisal those they saw as enemies of the status quo. However, it was the global setting, not simply a continental…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In El Salvador

    might have a better life than the one we had in our native country. Even though we were not in a low social status in El Salvador and we always have something descent to eat, we did not go to a lot of places than home, school, and the grocery store; however, we went once a month to the only mall in our city thirty minutes from home to distract our minds from our everyday routines. Nevertheless, I miss my father, my big brother, my friends, and the way of living in El Salvador. After gaining…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The President Of El Salvador

    Maximiliano Hernandez Martinez was established as president of El Salvador in 1931 after a coup overthrew the governing president, Arturo Araujo. Martinez was then chosen by army officials to preside due to his determined character and military experience; as a result, he ruled from 1931-1944. However, El Salvador’s constitution only allows a 5-year term and a same ruler cannot govern two consecutive periods. In order to extend his presidency, he passed a bill and changed the constitution to…

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  • El Salvador Reflection

    Poverty taught me to make the most of the little I had in El Salvador. Through my daily struggles I learned to appreciate what truly matters most. For one, I learned to be resourceful and appreciative. I remember playing soccer in the dirt streets of my neighborhood with an old rag ball and feeling pure happiness. As I grew up though, I realized that life may not become much more joyful, but it could certainly become much more comfortable. These struggles deeply impacted my character and…

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  • El Salvador Description

    El Salvador Location Where is the place? The longitude and latitude of El Salvador is 13° 42° North and 89° 12° West. El Salvador is located in the continent, North America. The hemisphere that El Salvador is located around is the Western Hemisphere How far away from home is it? El Salvador is about 2-4 hours away from Pennsylvania. You would travel 1,665 miles to get to El Salvador from Pennsylvania. What countries are neighbors of El Salvador? The countries that are nearest to El Salvador…

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