Influence Of Gangs In Today's Society

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There are many different views on how gangs are perceived in today’s society. During recent years, the rise in technology, especially the internet, has made it easier to access information about gangs. Which leads to popular culture and mass media in today’s society to have major influences on gangs and gang members. Today’s youth also has a crucial connection to the popular culture and mass media in that they are the biggest targets when it comes to gangs and its influence on youth. With today’s advanced technology there are four mass media outlets that influence gangs, which are news coverage, internet/social media, music, movies, and video games.
Gangs weren’t frequently covered in the news media as often as other news. It was seen as unimportant
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Gangsta rap or hip-hop has been a greatly known genre of music that influences deviant youths. In American Street Gangs by Tim Delaney, he states, “Gangsta rap is about street credibility, and the claims of contemporary artists such as 50 cent – who says he has been shot nine times- add to the allure for youths who see delinquency and gang behavior as something to emulate.” (2006) It is easier for youths to be easily influenced by the music they listen to then adults. The reason for this is because adolescents are still trying to find a place to fit in a society that they feel they haven’t found yet. In Gangstas, Thugs, and Hustlas: Identity and the Code of the Street in Rap Music by Charis Kubrin, she mentions, “The street code is clearly a staple of rap music lyrics. I found each street code theme prominently represented in the lyrics, albeit to varying degrees.”(2005) This is an example of the rap music style today, in which it is about money, respect, and violence. This is common for people who live in poor communities to think about because of the disadvantages they had with money. As for violence and respect it could just be that is what they saw and grew up to see. Movies also have a big impact on youth because of the way they present violence. Delaney also mentions, “The media glorify gang violence in all of its mass outlets.” (2006) This is very …show more content…
The mass media has glorified gangs and violence immensely. The youth today are easy targets to join gangs because of their easy access to popular culture and mass media. From news coverage, internet/mass media, music, movies, and to video games there are many contributions to the influence of gangs. While the news doesn’t cover about gangs a lot there is still easy access to the internet to find information about it. Which leads to there should be limits to what to youth listens, watches, and

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