Examples Of Transition From Adolescence Into Adulthood

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Rites of passage have been used by almost all cultures since the beginning to mark the transition an individual takes from youth to adulthood. In many ancient cultures it has involved ceremonies often religious in nature. In typical modern day American society, the movement from adolescence to adulthood also comes with certain rites of passage. In the late teen years many youths have the desire for more independence. Many will get an afterschool job; this gives them some financial freedom. Next comes the transportation, many will use the proceeds from the job to buy a car, giving them a little more freedom. Parents may begin to let their teens stay out later and go on dates. Next comes college. Older teens look to their future after high school graduation, applying for college and eventually moving out of their childhood home and into an apartment or college dorm. All of these events are how most American teens transition from adolescence into adulthood, becoming part of this new group of adults.
Gangs are considered groups of young adults who claim a certain area, they will protect their area at all costs even if it means using violence (Regoli, R., Hewitt, J., & Delisi, M., 2014). Gang members consider other members of their group
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Many of the reasons and goals are the same it is just the direction or path they take to meet those goals which differ, the gang members seem to take a more deviant path. The initiation rituals itself are different, thankfully as no parent wants to see their child go through what potential gang members go through. I think that these youths are craving a family and they find that in the ranks of the gangs and would happily do whatever it takes to belong. All human beings have the need to belong, teens are no exception. Some teenagers unfortunately will go to extremes to find that sense of

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