Gangs in Australia

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  • Bra Boys Blood Is Thicker Than Water Analysis

    the pack. The behavioural patterns of animal species can be viewed in the societal structures of human throughout time. Groups such as the bra boys, a surfing gang located in Maroubra, have implemented pack mentality. But is this a negative or positive? Does pack mentality help or disadvantage society? Is it a social construct which should be valorised? Psychologist Abraham Maslow formed the base of many modern sociological theories within the book “Motivation and Personality”. This book illustrates the common behavioural patterns of humans in response to natural impulses. His theory states, that among others, human motivations include; survival, safety, social, esteem, and fulfilment. These motivations cause many to seek a quick sense of fulfilment through the formation of a pack. This fulfilment is achieved through hazardous and irrational methods. Leading to short lived sense of accomplishment; along with the accompanying regret. Within the documentary, “Bra Boys, Blood is Thicker than Water” the animalist motivations presented within sociological theories is displayed. The group demonstrates the need of the packs survival and involvement in violence, high risk…

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  • Hells Angels Gang Violence

    Throughout the past years, gang violence in Canada has been a major issue. From the case of the Surrey Six to Hells Angels beating a local Kelowna man to death, gang violence is no foreign term here, especially in British Columbia. Though gang violence has reportedly gone down in the past years, it is still something individuals across Canada fear. As stated by Jennifer E. Butters, James Sheptycki, Serge Brochu, and Patricia G. Erickson in Guns and Seblethal Violence(2011), gangs are a direct…

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  • Hells Angels Research Paper

    When one hears the term "gang" their thoughts do not generally turn to a group of boys hanging out, but rather a group of adults who have come together with the unified purpose to fight. Whether it be over territory, persons of interest or a disagreement of how a situation should be handled; socially speaking, one would most likely think of notorious groups such as the Bandito 's, MS13 or in this instance the Hells Angels. The first chapter of the Hells Angels is believed to have been started…

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  • Doctrine Of Separation Of Powers In Australia

    When Australia became a federation on the first of January 1901 many of the laws and conventions that we have today were taken from the major global influences of the time: America and England. This is why like the United States, but unlike the United Kingdom, Australia has a written constitution that prescribes the rules and regulations that must be followed by the Australian people, government and legal system. One segment of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (1901) is considered…

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  • Role Of Convicts In The European Settlement Of Australia

    Name: Chee Leong Cheang ID: GEC000007K Task 1 Examine the coastal exploration of Australia prior to 1778 1. New Zealand The Great Southern Land 2. Sea was dangerous the winds didn't always blow in the right direction for the sea travel and it was such a long way it was difficult to bring enough food and water. 3. Great southern land is a single released by the Australia rock band iceberg. Peaking at number five on the Australia singles chart. It was later featured…

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  • Turning Away Refugees Analysis

    Turning away refugees goes against the 1951 United Nations refugee convention. “The journey refugees make is dangerous and controlled by criminal gangs, and we have a right to stop it,” says both Labour and coalition parties, who support tough refugee policies (source 6). Australia’s leading coalition government made refugee and asylum seeker policies strict when it took government in 2013, which first introduced the military in control of intercepting refugees on Australian waters, turning them…

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  • Tim Southommasane's The Australian Model

    In the Australian Model, author Tim Southommasane touches upon the idea of multiculturism in Australia. The reading starts out with Southommasane describing fond memories of his home town, Carbramatta, a suburb of Sydney which at one point served as the nation’s drug capitol. Southommasane relates a sense of pride of having grown up in a town that represents such a cultural melting pot. The Cabramatta freedom gate currently bears a number of incriptions, all in English, Chinese,…

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  • Asylum Seekers Case Study

    Question: “How has Australia protected human rights of asylum seekers in Immigration detention centers?” My Research Project was motivated by a movie screening I had attended during Refugee Week. The film viewed was “Mary meets Mohammad” (2013), which documented the commencement of Tasmania’s first Immigration detention Centre in 2011. From this involvement I was inquisitive as to how alacritous Australia’s society is in supporting asylum seekers and refugees. Having limited prior knowledge on…

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  • Cabramatta's Migration Study

    Due to this change an estimated 300, 000 Chinese and 200,000 Vietnamese immigrants have resettled within Australia since 1975 through a series of migration programs (Collins 2013 & Coughlan 2008). This impacted Cabramatta drastically during the 70’s as Refugees and migrants found asylum within Australia after the Vietnam War, now 27.7% of residents within Cabramatta have Vietnamese ancestry, and 27.0% have Chinese (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011). Studies have theorised that these…

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  • Why People Join Gangs

    shot in an apartment and was eventually found dead behind the wheel of his car. All these, and many others, are believed to be gang related, all occurring just last month in Los Angeles alone. Over 2,000 people die each year from gang related homicides and over 4 times that are affiliated with gangs. Something clearly needs to be done. The harm from gangs in America affects all people who find themselves surrounded by the destructive lifestyle, more prevention programs need to be developed…

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