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The Bandidos outlaw bikie gang, is one of the fastest-growing outlaw motorcycle gang in the 21st century. With over 90 chapters in Europe, 90 in the USA and 17 chapters down in the dusty plains of Australia. But who’s the man behind the scenes that forged this club together. The man convicted of murdering two drug dealers and serving a life sentence, Donald Eugene Chambers is the American founder of the Bandidos outlaw bikie gang. Donald Chambers, straight out of the Marine Corps in Vietnam created the Bandidos outlaw bikie gang, which broadened internationally into an even bigger and better bikie club. We managed to interview him before his parole to dig deep and find what inspired him to join this sub-culture and create this controversial …show more content…
He is now eligible for parole and is looking forward to time in retirement. Donald what got you into making this disputed bikie gang?
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Donald Eugene Chambers
After returning from the Vietnam War. I was finding an occupation where I can just knock off and do what I love, Motorcycles. I founded my own bikie gang “the Bandidos”

Tell me about where the name Bandidos originated and does the colours on your uniform signify anything.

Donald Eugene Chambers
After observing a TV commercial with where the Frito Bandito was raising hell to market Fritos corn chips, I named the club the Bandidos after this. Having served in the Vietnam War as a Marine, I modeled the Bandidos club colours after the red and gold concept of the US marine Corporation.


What drew you towards motorcycles when you were growing up or when you were a Marine in Vietnam.

Donald Eugene Chambers
In my childhood I didn’t have that sense of family or relationship that a lot of people posses. I was searching for a family away from home and I found that through brotherhood. Coming from Vietnam, I also got into motorcycles because I was looking for the same brotherhood and camaraderie we had back in the days of the

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