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  • Analysis Of The Ever-Gold Case

    Introduction The following memorandum has been produced in order to articulate the strengths of Greene’s Jewelry’s legal claim, as well as the strengths of the company’s defense against charge. The aforementioned legal claim is in regards to the termination of former Junior Executive Secretary Jennifer Lawson, and her breach of confidentiality agreement. Jennifer was required to sign a confidentiality agreement when she was hired by the company. The confidentiality agreement stated she would never disclose any information that she might acquire from Greene’s regarding the process used to create Ever-Gold. Jennifer clearly violated the confidentiality agreement when she provided confidential information about the Ever-Gold process to Howell Jewelry World. The legal defense previously mentioned concerned Jennifer Lawson’s countersuit against Greene’s Jewelry for wrongful termination. It is believed Jennifer will be filing on the grounds of pregnancy discrimination; however, Jennifer was legally terminated because of downsizing. The company no longer had need for any Junior Executive Secretaries, which lead to her position being eliminated. Facts and Laws: Unlawful Termination Jennifer Lawson’s countersuit against Greene’s Jewelry is in regards to wrongful termination, and it is anticipated she is filing on the grounds of pregnancy discrimination. In order for “a firing to meet the definition of wrongful termination, it must be illegal in the eyes of the law (What Is…

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  • Court House Observation

    Introduction: For this paper I decided to stay close and attended court at the Mesa County Court House, this court house is a District and County Court house. The judge proceeding over this case was Judge Mcnaulty. The case I thought I was going to be observing was between Steve and Samantha Cejka and was in court room number seven at eight am in the morning. However what I did not realized about the court was that there were several cases to be heard by the judge and they were at the same…

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  • Summary: Aggravated Stalking

    fitting the requirements for stalking, but also has displayed a weapon. The victim of the offense was less than eighteen at any during the offender’s course of conduct, with the offender also been five or more years older than the victim. They are also in violation if they have previously been convicted of stalking with seven years of the current incident. An individual is in violation of the aggravated stalking statute if they make credible threats to the victim, victim’s child, sibling,…

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  • Case Brief Town Of Castle Rock V. Gonzales

    Name of the Case: Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748, 2005. 2. Facts: After her divorce, Jessica Gonzales was granted a restraining order against her ex-husband by a state trial court in Colorado. The restraining order prohibited the ex-husband from disturbing Ms. Gonzales and her three daughters and ordered him to stay at least 100 yards away from the family home. The ex-husband / father was granted visits with his children on alternating weekends, for two weeks in the summer and for…

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  • Domestic Case Interview

    It is imperative to speak with professionals in the criminal justice department as it is one of the avenues of learning. Learning is not always from books, but sometimes from observation and even questionings. For this purpose an interview was conducted between myself and an attorney who deals with domestic violence. Although it is a difficult subject, listening to them speak allowed me to realize another importance. That was being present in a courtroom to help filter any other information…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gangs

    Are civil gang injunctions an effective deterrent? Gangs have been in existence as long as Law has been, dating as far back as the 1500’s, when Shakespeare wrote about "gangs" of sailors. Then in the 1600 's- 1900 's with the Chinese triads, the Italian mafia, and the KKK. . (Gangs before thrasher) the glorification of Jesse James, and Capone kind of set the stage for the gangs of today. Poverty, lack of parental involvement, and the "need" to feel important, combined with the promises of…

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  • Memorandum Of Law To Jennifer Greene's Jewelry Legal Counsel

    positions with the company upon notification (Carbonara v Bank of N.Y. Mellon Corp, 2014). Greene’s Jewelry executed a similar downsizing and eliminated all of the junior executive secretary positions within the company. Unlike Bank of N.Y. Mellon Corp, Greene’s Jewelry did not know of Ms. Lawson’s pregnancy until the time of notification. Another matter of precedent is Woods v The Boeing Co. (2013) concerning breach of confidentiality. In that case, Mr. Woods breached his contract of…

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  • Greene's Jewelry Wholesale: Case Study

    Greene’s Jewelry Wholesale is a manufacturer and distributor of high-end costume. The business is currently located at Derry, New Hampshire, with one warehouse and two store-front shops. They have about 502 employees working in various department throughout the company. The primary asset of Greene’s Jewelry is a patented process of creating a synthetic gold-colored material called “Ever-Gold.” This material is used in all their jewelry and is marked as “everlasting gold” because it is residences…

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  • Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    1) What is a Restraining Order? A Restraining Order is a court ordered mandate protecting you from the individual that has abused or harassed you. A restraining order can be very beneficial if it is followed properly by the petitioner because ultimately it depends on you if you want full protection. The party served with this order must comply, and if there is sufficient evidence to prove the party is not complying they have committed a breach and can face criminal or civil penalties.…

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  • Essay On Restraining Order

    The Restraining Order Process in California When a person believes they are in imminent danger, a “restraining order” is often sought. However, that is not always the appropriate legal course for the situation. What is a Restraining Order? In the state of California, a restraining order can also be referred to as a stay-away order, a protective order, or a protection order. Regardless of the verbiage, this item is a court order or mandate that prohibits one person from doing a specific task.…

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