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  • Pathological Gambling

    Gambling has had a long and deep-rooted history throughout time and even in the founding of the United States. Lotteries were used in the early American colonies to establish and fund themselves along with instituting famous universities, such as Harvard, Yale, and William and Mary to name a few. Beginning in the early 1900’s, states began banning gambling because of its association with corruption and violence. It has long been proposed that gambling from a Christian viewpoint is a sin because of the focus on the coveting of money and the attempt of quick and easy riches. As the character Davy in Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Kidnapped contemplates when asked to join in on a game of cards, “Now this was one of those things I had been brought up to eschew like disgrace; it being by my father neither the part of a Christian nor yet a gentleman to set his own livelihood and fish for that of others, on the cast of painted pasteboard.” Much has changed on the view of this vice, and since 2000, some form of legalized wagering is now allowed in forty-eight of the fifty US states, Utah and Hawaii the exceptions (Petry, Blanco, 2013, p.1032). What few people realize is that gambling can result in addiction, debt, illness, and family problems. One text cannot provide all the information, issues, studies, and answers, but the concepts can influence new research and interest in this area in the future. Definitions of Gambling Disorders Gambling is defined as risking a loss (an…

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  • Compare And Contrast Recreationalal Gambling Vs. Recreational Gambling

    The gambling activities themselves are clearly motivated by economic goals as opposed to recreational gambling, and the social scene reflects this as well. Two characters went on to the casino floor with the goal to win mass amounts of money whether it was to pay for a fake child, or to get out of debt. While only one of the two attempts proved to be lucrative, the gambling aspect shows both of the characters winning more than $100000 each. The apparent luck of both characters drew an audience…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Wiccan

    Welcome to my humble little blog about a topic that may be made of confusion or controversy. I am here to write about my life and experiences as a follower of Wiccan tradition and the occult. Firstly, I would like to establish that Wiccans are not associated with evil or "black magic". demons, curses, or anything truly evil. Secondly, the title of "Witch" is not gender specific as most would assume. Warlock, by the way, is derogatory to us and as such is not what we use to refer to male witches.…

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  • What Is Gambling?

    The majority of people would be quick to disagree with internet gaming being considered as gambling. Honestly, I disagreed with this statement when I was first introduced to the topic. Then, I realized that there is more to internet gaming than just simple puzzles, role play games, and others that normally do not involve money. Let’s not forget games such as online bingo, poker, slots, and the online casinos in general. Just because these are online and not in a real casino setting, many people…

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  • Gambling Pros And Cons

    Jorge D. Leon Mrs. Martinez English 3 3/31/16 Gambling “Casino gambling is colorful and dramatic and theatrical” – Steve Wynn is correct because there is so much more to casinos, and this is all made possible by gambling (Gambling Quotes). Gambling is a HUGE controversial topic, because they are the supporters who see all the advantages of gambling and the critics of gambling who say that it is a bad thing because it can lead to addiction and sometimes even depression. However gambling is a…

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  • Gambling And Stereotypes

    Individuals attending casinos do not necessarily imply they gamble; for example, they could be working there and trying to make an income for their family. Communities who disapprove of casinos do not realize the positive impacts these casinos can contribute to there communities. Commercial gambling within British Columbia has assisted with more than $1 billion of revenues to further fund health care, education and community programs across the province (Columbia, 2013). British Columbia also…

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  • Importance Of Gaming As A Hobby

    Gaming Is Just A Hobby Gaming is a hobby that I have been interested in since I was in elementary school. As a boy my family did not have a ton of money, but eventually we could afford a gaming system to entertain my two brothers, two sisters, and I. Gaming as a whole should be seen as just another harmless hobby, and not something to blame when people commit crimes or act a certain way. Being able to call myself gamer made me proud, until accusations of violence, immaturity, racism, sexism,…

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  • Video Games Feminist Analysis

    In Sarkeesian’s case, she only stated her opinion on how women are threated in video games. The first Amendment allows the public the right to speech out, but accusing someone or bulling them violates the law (Mantilla). In Sarkeesian’s speeches, she informs the public about her opinion and does not point out any person in particular. Thus, she is not violating the First Amendment. “According to the first amendment, she does not break any form of speech …” (Mantilla). The constitution allows…

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  • Droktarr: Video Game Analysis

    The clanging of my sword against the armor of my enemies rings across the field of combat. Surrounded by the carnage of the battling gods, I push forward with my friend Droktarr (Gage). To the left, the Norse goddess Freya blasts magical swords in our direction. On our right, the Hindu goddess of destruction Kali, is using one of her four arms to swing a deadly scythe towards us. Simultaneously, another of her arms is wielding a menacing trident. Death surrounds us. We dodge. We parry.…

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  • Are Video Games Becoming More Popular Essay

    Over the past few decades, people claim video games are becoming more popular; through personal experience I intend to tell whomever reads this why video games have become so popular. Through the years, video games have went through many different changes. A few of those changes are as follows: in video games now you can do more such as beating the game, scoring a high score,discovering the various types of games, relationships can be gained from games, the evolution of graphics, variety of…

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