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  • The Casino Industry In The US

    in the U.S with a reported gambling problem. The severity of the addiction differs, but it has ruined lives and continues to do so. Gambling addicts are not only harming themselves, but also their families. The question is why people get addicted to gambling in the first place. Research shows that gambling addiction is caused by a combination of someone’s neurological composition and several outside factors,…

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  • Compare And Contrast Recreationalal Gambling Vs. Recreational Gambling

    The gambling activities themselves are clearly motivated by economic goals as opposed to recreational gambling, and the social scene reflects this as well. Two characters went on to the casino floor with the goal to win mass amounts of money whether it was to pay for a fake child, or to get out of debt. While only one of the two attempts proved to be lucrative, the gambling aspect shows both of the characters winning more than $100000 each. The apparent luck of both characters drew an audience…

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  • Classification Of Gamblers

    When I thought of the word “gambling” I considered it to be someone who has a serious problem spending money. In fact it really has nothing to do with the money, it why they do it, how it makes them feel while they are doing it .When you step into a game room the atmosphere is surreal and filled with stagnant smoke. The games just sit and get lost in their own thoughts it is almost like they are in a trance. They puff on their cigarettes, push the button and wait for the win. While many of these…

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  • Gambling In China Essay

    establishment such as casinos are illegal in main land China, many international students are spoiled by the opportunities they have in the US to engage in gambling. In fact, gambling problems among…

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  • Pathological Gambling Research Paper

    Pathological gambling is a psychological disorder and Medline Plus a trusted site that gives out educated information to the general public on diseases and conditions says “Pathological gambling is similar to a drug addiction and alcoholism.” Writer for Medline Plus Andrea Reuter says “Gambling addiction, also called compulsive gambling or pathological gambling, is an irrepressible urge to gamble, regardless of the negative impact that gambling may have on your personal, professional or…

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  • Pathological Gambling: A Therapeutic Analysis

    Repetitive trans cranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for treating addictive behaviours in Pathological Gambling Gambling is a pleasant social activity for most individuals however, it can advance to a pathologic state (pathological gambling, PG) when individuals get preoccupied and progress to an impulsive and compulsive state, investing more time and money despite adverse effects. Gambling disorder is recognised as a subcategory under “substance related and addictive disorder” in DSM-V and has…

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  • Effects Of Gambling

    Gambling Away Your Wellbeing Gambling is a very serious problem that can lead to many lasting effects for not only the gambler, but also for the people close to him or her. There are many different levels of gambling, each one coming with different levels of consequences. Some Americans say it helps the United States through its economic effects, but statistics show otherwise. Gambling addictions can be hard to understand for people who are not affected by it because, like depression, it can…

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  • Gambling Addiction: A Case Study

    thoroughly for gambling addiction as the disorder escalates due to more states legalizing gambling (Dowling, Jackson, Thomas, 2008). Studies have shown that different methods of therapy, along with certain medications help treat this disorder. (Arehart-Treichel, 2005). The practices that show to be best are cognitive and behavioral interventions. A main component prevalent in those with a gambling disorder is that they lack a control over their impulses and they act on gambling urges. (Dowling,…

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  • Implications Of Internet Gambling

    discusses the implications of internet gambling in the United States and how banning/prohibiting it is not going to work here. He goes on to explain that many professionals believe that the high availability and ease of use of the internet will increase the number of individuals addicted to online gambling overall. However, recent studies have shown this is not the case for most Americans who gamble online at a mild or moderate level. He also mentions how easy it is to track usage and to do…

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  • Goals Of Gambling

    setting goals not to gamble, but this is often useless. The people that have true gambling addictions are unable to adhere to goals that involve abstinence. It takes too much effort and doesn’t deal with the route problem. This article cannot help you deal with the route problems, but it will help you see goals for what they are, so that you do not fall into the same mind traps that so many other addicts have fallen into. Using Goals To Recover From A Gambling Addiction There are four…

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