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  • Playdium: The True Nature Of Popular Culture

    variety of arcade style games and attractions. After two decades of repeated rumblings about the arcade from friends, game store clerks, and forum users, I finally decided to visit this so called paradise. After my experience I can only describe it in the same way. It is the ultimate gaming utopia, and the perfect example of a center for my particular subculture. But is the true nature of culture equally applicable to this new media subculture we call gaming? In addition to providing a reflection on my experience at Playdium, my paper will also critically reflect upon the ways we understand, document, and define “culture”, while arguing that gaming does indeed fit this definition. 2. CULTURE “One of the…

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  • The Fun Center's Original Business Analysis

    futuristic environment and atmosphere where a significant portion of the arcade games are interactive, virtual and multiplayer experiences emphasizing…

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  • FSA Report: Oasis In Newark, California

    Introduction: The place where I chose to do my FSA Report is called Oasis, located in Newark, California. This site has different departments: Express(Restaurant), Kids play area, Banquet facility and Fitness center. Oasis Kids is a family-oriented place, where friends and families bring their children to this great indoor facility to play indoor games. This is a family-owned business and the departments are handled by various managers. The place offers great indoor activities for both adults…

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  • Parental Mediation Theory: The Negative Effects Of Social Media

    rather than their parents’ responses because children’s reports of parental mediation had been more reliable than parent’s reports. The results had confirmed their hypothesis “as open family communication was negatively related to children’s perceived reality and positively related to perceived negative effects of television” (An 397). This was a very important finding as parents realized that they can use an active mediation style and talk throughout television programs to inform their…

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  • Plot Machines-Personal Narrative

    So I work for my dad in a family business we deal with pinball machines, slot machines, and restored arcade games such as Pac man. So on a day over the summer, I was hanging out with my friend Tyler fixing our cars and such. We went inside covered in grease when my dad came and talked to us about how he just received a call from a lady in Dayton. And that she had a broken Pac man machine that she wanted to get rid of. She said it had been damaged, but was still intact. This was a good deal for…

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  • Video Games Played Over Time Essay

    The top rated games to improve memory capacity are: Fruit ninja, Cut the Rope, and Modern Combat. “Since working memory and attention are critical in winning these games, long-term playing seems to provide the kind of mental exercise that can boost these skills over time.” (Vitalli) What Vitalli is trying to explain is that video games could be beneficial to society if played over time. On his blog he goes on to explain how understanding and playing video games can enhance memory skills, which…

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  • Video Game Industry Essay

    The computer game industry is getting bigger everyday with people buying new video game consoles everyday all around the world. The video game industry began back in 1971 with the release of arcade games such as Pac-man and Pong. People began to get addicted to arcade games and would spend long periods of time playing them in the arcade. People would spend so long playing arcade games because they were easy and enjoyable to play. The first commercially successful video game was Pong, it sold…

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  • Essay On Video Game Phenomena

    The Video Game Phenomena: Rated Pending Video game - game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen. Many people look down on those who spend hours upon hours in front of a T.V playing video games. Those are called gamers and they, they are more than meets the eye. Gamers are incredibly misunderstood and underappreciated. The general public does not know how much we have to thank those “lazy” gamers. The depth of…

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  • Video Games Impact On Our Society

    The History of Video Games and the Impact on Our Society from 1950-2000 Video games have had a large impact on our society over the decades. It has become one of the most popular interactive mediums in recent human history. Many people either have a home console or computer that they play video games on in their leisure time. The global video game industry today is now worth $99.6 billion, and is projected to be worth $118.6 billion by 2019 . How have video games become this popular? What…

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  • Running Head The Effects Of Video Games

    The advent of video games started back in the 1950s, however, in 1958 Physicist William Higinbotham created what is thought to be the first video game. Rudimentary at best, the game was grandfather to the more familiar game from the 1970’s arcade game named Pong. In addition, the video game revolution first began to occur in 1977, with the introduction of the home gaming system, “Atari.” Other companies, including Sony, Nintendo and Sony would later mass produce home gaming systems and video…

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