Plot Machines-Personal Narrative

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So I work for my dad in a family business we deal with pinball machines, slot machines, and restored arcade games such as Pac man. So on a day over the summer, I was hanging out with my friend Tyler fixing our cars and such. We went inside covered in grease when my dad came and talked to us about how he just received a call from a lady in Dayton. And that she had a broken Pac man machine that she wanted to get rid of. She said it had been damaged, but was still intact. This was a good deal for us, because we restore the machines with all new parts and computer boards. So, to us if it 's broken it 's better for us because we don 't have to pay as much.
So Tyler and I got into my dad’s truck, an hour or so before sunset, and were off to Dayton. It was about as much fun as a three-hour drive in the evening after a day underneath cars can be. I wasn’t that great, we were both pretty
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The wires run from the plug in the wall, to the games converter, then to the electronics everywhere else in the game, such as the various little lights and switches. On average the wiring takes about three hours. The next step was mounting a new monitor, which was a new computer screen, not only lighter, but more reliable. Once the monitor was mounted, the controls as well as the game settings were set to the original factory settings.
After the game was functioning, it was tipped onto its side and was ready for stickers. The side of the wood was then precisely cleaned; I had to scrub off anything that would leave an imperfection underneath the sticker. After it was cleaned by hand I used an air compressor and blasted any remaining dust off of the wood. Then I laid the sticker, which was a very stressful job considering they were very expensive and I had to pay for my every mistake. Lucky, I didn’t make any mistakes, because I’m a professional. Or at least that 's what I tell

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