Massive Heart Attack Short Story

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Malique Moore ENG 1113, Online C. Windham 12 June 2016
Massive Heart Attack Imagine smelling burnt rubber on a hot Mississippi evening, being stranded in the dark waiting for help to come, imagine never seeing your nineteenth birthday. The day my friends and
I almost died, my car had a flat tire, and I didn’t have any money. It was one of the scariest days of my life. I learned that in a matter of hours situations can go from good too bad.
The day started off real nice. My friends and I just finish playing a fierce NBA 2k tournament in the dorms of Jones Junior College. My friend name Keo got mad because he was losing most of the games. The other guys were making fun of him, so he suggested we play a real game of basketball to see
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Then suddenly I here my phone ring so I stop and see that my friend
Joe from William Carey was calling me. He called to asked if we wanted to play basketball at
Carey. Since I was already filling good because I was winning at the gym I said “sure joe we will be there in forty-five minutes.” After I got off the phone with him; Tyler, Keo, and myself ran to my two door Pontiac Sun Fire and began driving to Carey. As we got halfway I felt something jerk on my car, then I smelled something burning and finally POP! There went my busted tire down the long hot highway. I was calm and composed because I knew I had the tools and the spare tire to get us back on the road. I pulled over and opened the trunk of my car to find I was missing the lug wrench. At that moment I knew we were in trouble, so I then took out my phone and stared at its dark hollow screen knowing that I had to call my grandpa for help. I knew he was going to be furious but I finally got the courage to make the call because I needed help and I
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Instantly doubt and fear creeped into my mind. It started getting dark which made us very nervous and scared. We were in the dark car getting rocked by fast driving trucks. Finally, someone saw us and luckily they had the tool we needed. Tyler, Keo, and myself were extremely happy so we decided to head on to
Carey. As we got back on the road I noticed a rattling in my car so I instantly became doubtful about the spare. As we neared Carey I stop at a gas station to check the spare, then I realized it wasn’t a full spare it was a donut. Just my luck; so finally making to Carey through all the rattling in my car I asked Joe if he could give us a ride back to Jones after we got finished. He said “yes” but he asked me what I was going to do with my car. My other brilliant plan was to leave it there and take it to Walmart and buy a new tire once I got my money transferred into my account. After the game of basketball, we went ahead with the plan. Tyler, Keo, and myself got into Joe’s car and we began driving back to Jones. As we were getting ready to leave Hattiesburg
Joe noticed he need some gas. So he pulled into this raggedy gas station to solve the

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