How Do Video Games Improve Memory?

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For many centuries mankind has created several hobbies to spend their leisure time and enjoy their day. Before the mid-20th century people would go outside to play, stay inside to watch television, or listen to a radio. The young children seem to enjoy the innovations of new technology and were astonished by colored television. What individuals all over the world didn’t know was that there was a man coding information for the army to create a timing system to detonate the atomic bomb in the 1940s’, the man’s name was William Higinbotham. After World War II came to an end he joined the Brookhaven National Laboratory’s instrumentation group, were he served as head of the group from 1951-1968. In October 1958, he revealed the first
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The top rated games to improve memory capacity are: Fruit ninja, Cut the Rope, and Modern Combat. “Since working memory and attention are critical in winning these games, long-term playing seems to provide the kind of mental exercise that can boost these skills over time.” (Vitalli) What Vitalli is trying to explain is that video games could be beneficial to society if played over time. On his blog he goes on to explain how understanding and playing video games can enhance memory skills, which could lead to more productive lives during adulthood.
Over the last forty years because of the invention of video games, America’s youth has been able to gain/improve certain skills they would not have learned by doing other activities like playing outside or watching television. Some of the skills improved by playing videogames are: improving contrast sensitivity, gaining cognitive flexibility, and improving memory. Video games are helpful and fun to play, but every once in a while an individual has to go outside to stretch and catch some sun because playing too many video games can also be

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