Benefits Of Video Games In Education Essay

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Benefits of Video Games in Education Video games have been around for decades now, and there has been a ton of research done on how they affect the users playing them and what kind of impact they have on people of all ages; developmentally and psychologically. Learning through video games is something that could be very beneficial to students, because they are exciting and challenging, and would bring a new and fresh approach to learning in the classroom. Video games are made to be fun and exciting, buy many are also very hard and complex. Video games do help children learn because they teach problem-solving through experience and they are fun and challenging, which makes children more motivated and eager to learn. Some experts believe …show more content…
There are games that were made for exercise and they get people up and active. Some video games, such as online based games, were made to be played by several people at the same time, and are greatly dependent on teamwork and cooperation. Then there are video games that are extremely difficult, and these require a lot of persistence and perseverance to beat. Even though some of these games are much harder than others, they are still being played and they are very good at keeping the player engaged and actively …show more content…
Video games are helpful with enhancing cognitive skills and they actively teach problem-solving and creative ways of thinking that can be used in everyday life. They are motivating and goal-oriented, and they can be designed in so many different ways and be geared toward all different kinds of subjects and materials. If a video game is complex and difficult and requires so much time and effort to beat it, why do children still play them? Because they enjoy playing and being challenged, and because they are driven by the goal of beating the game, which makes all their time and effort worth it. The education system needs to look at how they can incorporate educational video games into schools to help encourage children to learn. The rest of the world is all about technology, and it is time for schools and learning environments to get up to speed so that students can learn in the same ways they experience life outside of a classroom; surrounded by technology and

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