Video Games Is Bad For Your Health Essay

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Why The Extensive Use Of Video Games Is Bad For Your Health
There has been a lot of controversy about the effects video games can have on a person 's health. Many argue that they stimulate the brain and increase intelligence. But others point out the negative side effects that the majority of gamers choose to ignore. Though everyone may not visibly suffer from any problems, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t eventually. A lot of these issues are permanent; few are temporary.
The physical and mental side effects from overexposure to video games vary. One is muscle pain. Though the activity and movement needed to play Wii or Xbox Kinect are a step in the right direction, the majority of video games still involve sitting in front of
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What is the use of a video game being able to heighten a child’s intelligence through brain stimulation if the child is too tired to think? Why play video games to pass the time when the body is being deprived of essential vitamins because it’s not outside? Why deliberately subject children to violent games that famous sociopaths have freely admitted to using to assist them in planning murders and other heinous acts of crime?
Some of the negative side effects of video games may not be able to be seen and recognized immediately (most aren’t, in fact) but over time, they can be seen. There have been several reports of displaced shoulder blades which can be caused from poor posture and muscle stiffness. This cannot be fixed without as much, if not more, time that was devoted to sitting in front of a screen, now being focused on muscle therapy. When playing video games, players are inclined to sit in a bent, hunched over
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Researchers found that more than 70 percent of patients undergoing coronary angiography (imaging to see how blood is flowing through the arteries) had a vitamin D deficiency. Heart disease has to be treated with medicines, surgery and therapy. Yet, if children play out in the sun, their chances of getting heart disease when older are significantly reduced. The point to this whole argument is to inform people of the dangers linked to prolonged use of video games. There is an unignorable potential of having drastic or severe health concerns, all of which can be remedied simply by playing less on the console and spending more time seeking and engaging in other healthy forms of entertainment. Perhaps some forms of entertainment that have been lost in this generation. Yes, we live in a world of technology. Yes, we survive on technology. Yes, technology is our livelihood. But simply because our world is built around technology does not necessarily mean we have to use it to the point of wrecking our bodies and the stability of our minds. Like everything else, technology must be used in moderation. Video games is one of the most often overused type of technology. Is a virtual world really enough of an incentive to affect and hinder the enjoyment of the real

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