Video Games: A Misunderstood Medium

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Video Games: A Misunderstood Medium
For many years children and adults have enjoyed a special form of entertainment that provides experiences like no other, the video game. These electronic toys have been on the market since the 1970’s, a recent development, and history has shown that new trends are often targeted as a scapegoat for problems of the time. Currently, the ever growing industry of video games has been the source of such controversy, and is frequently blamed for many of the modern world’s misfortunes. Yet, despite what the media may say, these electronic distractions may actually be better for humanity than previously imagined. Thus, video games should actually be seen as a positive addition to society: due to various health
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There also exists videogames specifically designed for exercise, providing an interesting way to stay in shape. The health benefits of video games do not only include the ability to improve one’s self, but help those who are ill. Dr. Simone Kűhn PHD has been doing research on the effects of playing videogames in those with disorders. She has discovered that not only do they serve as a therapeutic device for people that suffer from mental illness and depression, as well as improving the mental ability of those who suffer from neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.
Violent video games have also been found to provide the most benefits, contrary to growing belief that violent games cause such activity. To reinforce, video games have many health benefits that show their worth in the health of humans. Furthermore, video games can be utilized to improve productivity in the working world.
This is not a recent development either, many different fields have been experimenting with the usefulness of electronic games in their businesses. One of the earliest fields to employ
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In an interview by David Kelly, Traci Sitzman PHD, assistant professor of management at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, offers an explanation for the viability of video games in training employees. “One of the advantages of games is that they are intrinsically motivating, resulting in employees choosing to repeatedly engage in game play and mastering the skills,” says Stitzman (Kelly, Stitzman personal interview).This shows the great addition to the working world videogames are, as seen by their ability to provide a new, entertaining way to train workers.
Finally, video games have opened a new medium for which to create art. It is common conception that these electronic distractions offer very little on an intellectual level, and in no way could actually require creative observation. In this modern age, an increasing number of
Innovative creators are trying to create immersive experiences that may even rival films.
An example of this new genre of games is Proteus, developed by Ed Kay and David Kanaga. In this Game, the goal is to merely experience a fantastical world and music specially designed for the atmosphere. It is not always necessary for a game to sacrifice gameplay in order to be

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