The Rise Of Video Games?

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The rise of technology has been a great resource for the growing world, from radio, to Television, to cars. Although sometimes these are not the most groundbreaking of them all. From 1958 to present day, video games have ruled the technology industry. People are willing to pay forth thousands of dollars for just a couple hours of pleasure. Video games have affected everyone worldwide, from families, to companies, to even schools and younger children. They affect these people by the way they act towards others and how they communicate with others. Although video games are fairly new when it comes to technology, there still is plenty of history behind them. The first video game to ever be created was Tennis for Two. This video game was created …show more content…
These two men would go on to create one of the most famous video game companies to this day. Although before they created a video game company they created the very first video game cabinet. A video game cabinet is also referred to as an arcade machine. These video game cabinets would become some of the biggest industries in all of video games. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s people would go to an arcade that have around one hundred arcade machines, and pay a quarter to play one game. Children of the 1970’s and 1980’s would go to these arcades and spend thousands of dollars just for the enjoyment of the video games. These video game cabinets would dominate the video game industry in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The very first video game cabinet ever produced was created by Nolan and Ted, and was a game called Computer Space. Most people believed that the famous game Pong, created by Nolan and Ted as well, was the very first video game cabinet, but this was their first video game cabinet when they had created their video game company, called Atari. Although Pong was their more famous video game cabinet, Computer Space still has been just as innovative and exciting as Pong. Computer Space was a single player game where the player plays as a spaceship and the objective of the game is to destroy enemy flying saucers. This game surprisingly only needed two buttons in order to play. The first button was used so the player could rotate his/her space left and right, and the second button was used to thrust the player’s spaceship forward or to even shoot rockets. Although this game was very simple and easy to master the amount of innovation in the video game industry and technology in general is

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