Video Game Argumentative Essay

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The rise of technology has been a great resource for the growing world, from radio, to Television, to cars. Although sometimes these are not the most groundbreaking of them all. From 1958 to present day, video games have ruled the technology industry. People are willing to pay forth thousands of dollars for just a couple hours of pleasure. Video games have affected everyone worldwide, from families, to companies, to even schools and younger children. They affect these people by the way they act towards others and how they communicate with others. Although video games are fairly new when it comes to technology, there still is plenty of history behind them. The first video game to ever be created was Tennis for Two. This video game was created …show more content…
Nintendo was founded in 1889 by a Japanese man known as Fusajiro Yamauchi. Nintendo’s headquarters is located in Kyoto, Japan. Before Nintendo created video games and video game consoles, Nintendo manufactured and patented some of the earliest trading card games. Nintendo did not actually begin making video games until 1977 with the release of their Color TV Game 6 video game system. This was a revolutionary console due to the fact that it was capable of playing six different games, these games included several versions of paddle and ball games. The revolutionary part of this was the fact that the video games were already built into the console. This was something that people who enjoyed playing video games have never experienced before. Nintendo’s first actual video game ever created was Computer Othello, this was created in the March of 1978. This was not a video game for a console though, this was an actual arcade machine that played this game. Computer Othello was a video game, board game. This video game was based on the real board game known as Othello. Othello was a two player game where there were two sides, the black team and the white team. Each player had their own color, one person was white and the other, black. The objective was to jump each other’s chips to turn rows of these chips to the same color as the player’s chips. Therefore if a white chips jumped a row of black chips, those black chips would be flipped over to become white chips. The person with the most of their same color chip on the board wins. The game is over whenever the board gets completely filled up. Although Nintendo has been around since the late 19th century, it is still very relevant today, where Nintendo profits over 5 billion dollars a

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