The Challenges Of Game Based Learning: Game-Based Learning

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Game-Based Learning (GBL)

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Essay Question 1: Game-Based Learning (GBL)
The use of Game-Based Learning (GBL) or Gamification, as a learning tool, has created some debate concerning its value and educational merit. Does GBL belong in schools?

Many of us have grown up playing games, and in primary school education games have a high presence in segmenting our learning in informal and non-formal ways. Unfortunately in formal education, games are still often seen as just an unnecessary and counterproductive activity, and the potential of games for learning are often overlooked. Digital game-based learning is an unfamiliar area
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In the wake of this influx, educators face growing challenges as they teach a very “wired” and soon a very “wireless” generation of students using technology that is evolving every day. Deconstruct the fun in any good game, and it becomes clear that what makes it enjoyable is the built-in learning process. To progress in a game is to learn; when students are actively engaged with a game, the mind is experiencing the pleasure of grappling with and understanding new systems. This is true whether the game is considered “entertainment” or “serious” for example, an FAA-approved flight simulator. The implications of delivering game experiences for education and training are enormous and this is shown by, The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) which estimates 298 million games were sold in 2008. (ESA, 2009), Harnessing the power of well-designed games to achieve specific learning goals, and the result is a workforce of highly motivated learners who avidly engage with and practice applying problem-solving skills. Using the same design principles to make it compelling for surgical students to practice and hone proper laparoscopic techniques on a virtual patient, or inspire first responders to frequently rehearse and sharpen their training in a simulated hazardous materials emergency makes GBAs ideal learning

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