FSA Report: Oasis In Newark, California

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The place where I chose to do my FSA Report is called Oasis, located in Newark, California. This site has different departments: Express(Restaurant), Kids play area, Banquet facility and Fitness center. Oasis Kids is a family-oriented place, where friends and families bring their children to this great indoor facility to play indoor games. This is a family-owned business and the departments are handled by various managers. The place offers great indoor activities for both adults and children. Overall, this place is perfect for the families that have kids, because it provides lots of amenities for the kids. Oasis Express offers the service of Indian food that differs from region to region such as South Indian, North Indian, Gujarati,
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The facility is separated into four different categories: Oasis Express, Oasis Kids, Oasis Fitness, Oasis Party Palace. The facility is more than 34,000 square feet long and has most of the amenities that customers are looking for when it comes to booking a party rooms or hall for a birthday party. The operation of the facilities varies in the weekdays and the weekend. The operation hours of the Oasis Fitness is from Monday-Sunday, from 4 am to 11 PM. As for the operation in Oasis Fitness, it offers more than 25 classes in a week. Ladies are noted to be fond of attending these classes, while the men are busy lifting weights. There are three shifts that employees are scheduled for: morning, afternoon and closing Shifts. It is a mandatory task of all the employees to take note of cash and note it down into register at the beginning of shift. The morning shift’s employee’s responsibility is to open the fitness center and maintain the gym and call potential customers for advertisements about the gym. The afternoon shifts consist of maintaining the gym and finishing up the billings. The most important task that employees have in the afternoon shifts is to sign-up new customers of the fitness center, and show them around the facility. This also includes how it operates, and where all the equipment is located and terms of using the equipment. Closing shifts are crucial as …show more content…
Transitioning to a new owner was the most difficult time. Under the old ownership, the business grew a lot; many customers came from different states of the country to dine at the restaurant. The profits of the store were very high in over ten years of business. However, when the new ownership took over the place, it was tough to maintain the same place as before. We lost many our regular customers that used to come in every week to eat the food. Overall, the food quality changed drastically, and none of the customers wanted to eat there. The management did not know how to operate a business. There was no manager, so most of the employees did their work, which led to negativity in a working environment. We faced many issues with our operation management issue in handling business. The owner did not know how the restaurant operated in the store from booking the parties, handling the Fitness Center. The operation of the facility was not-efficient, the food order process took too long to be delivered to the customer. When a customer would place an order at the restaurant or over the phone, the order would not be ready. Because of this, many of the customers complained and wanted to receive their refund back. Also, the restaurant was going under construction for the wedding hall, because of this many

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