Movement Analysis For Basketball

Sport, position, and evaluation of the sport
The athlete I have chosen for my program design is a 27 year old, male professional basketball player. The position I have chosen is a forward. To begin with I first completed a movement analysis in order to better determine what my athlete would benefit most from. Basketball is a sport in which many joints of the body are used. It is a full body sport. Some of the most seen actions include: elbow extension and flexion, knee flexion and extension, shoulder rotation, ankle plantar and dorsiflexion, head rotation, wrist flexion and extension and hip flexion and extension. Some of the major movements that contribute to these joint actions and its related exercises are listed below.

In performing
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One main strength is that the facillity that is being used has many great ammentiies. Lots of equipment is available to use, and even though there are no weight machines, there are TRX bands and free weights which allow for all the exercises that are needed to be performed. The biggest strength of this program would definitely be the supervison. It is such an awsome thing to be able to have the supervision of not only your strength and conditioning coach, but to also have the supervision of other strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists. It is very helpful to have many brains around that can help whenever needed. It is especially beneficial to have physical therapists on site because they can provide advice from a different point of view and explain movement from a physical therapist’s standpoint. Not to mention if injury occurs the physical therapist can definitely help. The physical therapist can also help to prevent injury in the first place. One weakness of this program is the time. There are only two availble hours in the morning and two avaiable hours in the evening for the session to take place. The facility is also closed on Sundays. Although this is a weakness, it is easy to work in the workouts into the schedule since the workouts are designed to only last about an hour. Both the athlete and the strength and conditioning coach however have to be available either in the morning or the evening. One more weakness includes not having a huge open place, or expensive equipment for VO2 Max for aerobic testing. However we can perofrom aerobic tests at a neighbourhood park as a field test. The part of the program that I would like to better is the physical testing and evaluation. It would be nice to be able to find a facility in which we could use labaratories to test the VO2 max of the athlete. Using a field test works and is inexpensive however using a laboratory and expensive

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